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david stern stepped in to block this deal for "basketball reasons"
just change the name to MacPad for china only and pass the additional cost for the name change to the chinese consumer. problem solved.
the judge is of korean descent. i noted this a while back and thought this could be a problem. and guess what?
did steve jobs say that?
they're just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks
the only way pc's can compete is to be a lot cheaper. this has always been the case. they can never compete in quality and user experience. if they can't be at least 40% cheaper, they have no advantage over the macs.
this is an insult and shouldn't be taken seriously
i'm surprised south korea didn't block the sale of this
i would've gotten one... if the price had been lower and it was small enough to slide under my desk.
i'd like to see them do away with that wedge-shape design and make them look more symmetrical like the macbook pros but thinner.
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