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i'd like to see them do away with that wedge-shape design and make them look more symmetrical like the macbook pros but thinner.
samsung is just figuring out a way to supply enough retina displays for the ipad and for its own galaxy tablets...
still no discrete graphics chip for the 13" models...
i like hearing this guy speak. we need to see more of him at those apple press conferences
Judge Lucy Koh is of Korean descent. I find that interesting.
damn... steve left just when the party got started...
i might've believed that if microsoft hadn't had a history of copying apple's creations
time for ron to bat some light bulbs around...
yes, i agree. if apple needs to pay off these people, they can just cut their order to samsung to save up the $26M they need to give. or they could just pull out of south korea altogether.
all hail the cube!
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