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Apple's products have always been better than their competition. But they did nearly go bankrupt in the 90's, didn't they? So it can't be just the products.
with great power comes great responsibility
wow, i've never seen the chinese so diligent about enforcing copyright laws...
dang... these new macbooks better not look exactly like the macbook airs. i really don't like that clam-shell design.
no surprise here. everything microsoft does is in response to what apple does. why should their copy of the iphone be any different?
so shameless... i didn't know the idea for data detectors was copied
david stern stepped in to block this deal for "basketball reasons"
just change the name to MacPad for china only and pass the additional cost for the name change to the chinese consumer. problem solved.
the judge is of korean descent. i noted this a while back and thought this could be a problem. and guess what?
did steve jobs say that?
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