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If I were one of their hardware partners for tablets I would not be happy at all with this news.  First there is the rumored $80 fee per tablet for their RT OS and now a competing tablet.  Not a good partner to have.
http://blog.netflix.com/2012/03/holding-out-for-hero-new-films-in.html Thor & Captain America aren't available for streaming on Netflix in the USA. They are available in Canada. This explains the difference.
You can use your really nice keyboard to ssh into a server. I don't understand the value of hosting those services on the tablet.
Why? What purpose does it serve to host a website off of a tablet or smartphone?
I agree. Great insights there.
Quite possibly. There could be a market of people without hdtvs. I know I'd like to clip my cable bill. Just can't see myself buying a new TV even if they knock my socks off.
I do not think I'm buying a TV. I bought an iPhone 4s. I knew I'd buy the original iPhone.
I'm fully entrenched in the Apple Ecosystem and I don't think I'd buy one. I have a 48" Sony that is only 3 years old. I've only bought two tv's in the last 12 years. Hooking a $99 appletv up to my tv works for me personally. I wonder how many folks are clamoring for this? Maybe they don't know they want it yet?
You have to change the Country/Region to United States of America. 6.28% is worldwide.
Why grumble? Just buy more shares and sell them back to the chicken littles when they realize the sky isn't falling.
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