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My cousin was able to get a 16 gigabyte Touchpad for $299 out the door a few weeks back (during Tennessee's no sales tax weekend). Staples had a $100 coupon on the touchpad for a few days right before HP cut the price $100. He has a Palm Pre phone so it worked out well for him. I personally would have recommended an iPad but for $299 and having a pre phone I couldn't fault him. Seemed like a real good deal to me.
Just amazing!!
Most large companies have some kind of Citrix presence. They can just deliver their legacy applications using that technology. The large companies I've worked for use it to run linux on thin client PCs not OS X on Macs, but it could be done. You'd just have a bunch of Macs running OS X with Citrix Receiver installed. That being said I wouldn't recommend it because it'd be incredibly expensive.
http://www.citrix.com/English/ps2/pr...tentID=2300386 is what we are using to solve that issue. I run all the windows apps I need on my mac or on my linux workstation using Citrix Receiver. Your company just has to make the investment in the infrastructure.
He said they sold every iPad 2 they could produce. He said he wished they could have made more.
Tim Cook just said apple's suppliers were able to implement contingency plans. No material impact to supply or cost currently from the disaster in Japan.
I guess 6 iOS devices is a bit much. My five year old doesn't have his own iOS device. My two oldest kids (11 and 9) have ipod touches and they share them with my youngest two.
I was lucky enough to find out about the 15 minute rule on password authentication before my kids made any in app purchases. The only reason I knew about the "feature" was that I frequent sites like this one. As soon as I read about it I disabled in app purchases on all 6 of our iOS devices. I think my not getting charged by my 5 year old randomly clicking on buttons just after I downloaded a kids game was just luck. Up to my reading articles on Apple rumor and fan...
With iPad 2's I think it's better to do buy it now than put it up for auction. Here is my experience. I woke up at 4 AM EST Friday Martch 10th and bought one 64 gigabyte ipad 2 Black WiFi only from the Apple Store. I bought a 2nd ipad 2 at Best Buy later that same day after waiting in line for a few hours because I didn't want to wait for it to be shipped and I had some comp time built up at work. I planned on canceling my order when I returned home. After trying my...
No way the homeless guy will trust you to come back. They'll need money up front. Further, what would prevent the homeless guy from selling it to another person for > $50 before you show back up? It's just a bad idea all around IMO paying a stranger to stand in line.
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