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I'm sure the homeless guy wouldn't just wait for you to leave then roll out.
If I need to use flash on my iPad I just use skyfire web browser or iSwifter. If people want ports, flash and a keyboard they should just get the 11 inch MacBook air. No one is putting a gun to their head to buy an iOS product.
Do you know of any other company that has been vocal about how the earthquake has affected them? It's still pretty early.
Glad you are doing something. I work for a non-profit hospital. When I was standing in line I had already put my 50 hours in for the week. I was able to bust out early from my job because I had worked into the night Tuesday making sure a UNIX system nurses use to buy their supplies had a critical software patch installed. What people do with their free time is their business, in my opinion. For me waiting in line was a lot of fun. Of the two people in line I...
Put your money where your mouth ishttp://american.redcross.org/site/Pa...s_src=F8HWA002This line stander just did. Dear xxxxx,The American Red Cross is acting swiftly to put your donation to work in communities affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. We are supporting relief work to meet critical needs. On behalf of those we serve by our humanitarian mission, thank you.As one of 186 Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world, we...
I ordered a 64 Gigabyte Black WiFi model Friday morning online at the Apple Store. The delivery date estimation was March 18th at the earliest. Having sold my 1st Generation iPad the day before the iPad 2 announcement I've been jones'ing for an iPad. March 18th was too long to wait. I arrived at my local Best Buy around 2:45 PM Friday and joined the line at the back of the store with no more than 20 people ahead of me. By 3:30 PM there were about 20 people behind...
I'd be more irritated at the retail store for the obvious lie. I called the closest Target store in my area at around 1:30 PM Friday and they told me they had 5 in stock total. The employee couldn't go back and check? It's well documented that these retail stores had received their shipments on Thursday.
My order status just says "not shipped "My receipt saysShips: 3-5 business days Delivers: within 5 business days after shipping by Standard ShippingMy email confirmation saysDelivers Mar 16 - Mar 21 by Standard Shipping
Just ordered mine. 64 gig WiFi Only - Black Tan Leather Smart Cover Apple Digital AV Adapter
I'm a UNIX Administrator. I use my iPad at work and at home via a VPN connection to do the following.- notes at meetings- work email- keep track of my work and update others via our web based ticketing system- technical documentation repository- access the internet for research of work related issues/tasks- allocate disk storage for servers using the Hitachi Device Manager web interface for our Enterprise arrays.- build out IBM server partition profiles using IBM's...
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