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I don't understand why people say they are "switching to Chrome OS". It's not even out yet for general consumption. You can only get it if you request one of their beta laptops.
http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpu...francisco.html Hopefully we will see photos of a reasonably healthy mr. jobs with president obama tomorrow. fingers crossed.
I did the same thing. Just last week my 11 year old daughter asked me to open up in app purchases so she could buy smurfberries because she needed them to get Smurfette. I showed her the tuaw article about a kid racking up $1400 of charges on smurf berries and explained why in app purchases were staying disabled. I think it was a bit eye opening for her to see how such an innocent looking application could be used to extract such large sums of money. ...
Maybe. I can only speak for my organization but I think requiring an OS X server component would be an obstacle to the iPad's adoption in our enterprise. As it is now we just buy the iPads and use our existing infrastructure to host the components we'll need to deploy them. Requiring OS X Server would bring about questions from management about our institutional knowledge with the platform and their comfort level with OS X Server. I wouldn't have any issue with this...
I believe he stated that he's already deploying the enterprise apps in-house without issue. The issue he is talking about is with 3rd party applications.
I'm not aware of any OS X Server specific component being required to support an infrastructure full of iPads. What OS X Server specific component are you speaking of?
Configuration profile. It looks like you can setup your SCEP certificate to expire. When it does it forces the user to update with your Profile Server. I'm thinking that would be a way for me to force my users to get my Configuration profile changes at regular intervals, even if they disregard my emails or sms messages. "Similarly, when a certificate installed using SCEP expires or is otherwise invalidated, the device asks the user to update the profile. When the user...
So iOS will still let the user use a device with an expired profile? Thanks for sharing your experience.
Here's a link to the Enterprise Deployment Guidehttp://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/...ment_Guide.pdf
Can't you configure the ipads with the over the air profile delivery before you deploy them to the users? http://developer.apple.com/library/i...roduction.htmlI'm planning on setting a fairly low expiration date on the profile (something like a month) so that I'll have a regular profile update schedule without interacting with the user.
New Posts  All Forums: