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I'm just referring to the 37 MMAPI files which were referred to in the AI article. Since Android doesn't use MMAPI I wouldn't imagine that they would have to shutdown for these particular files. I think all they would do is delete them from their repository. I understand there is a more complex issue at hand here with the ongoing suit between Oracle and Google for possibly infringing on Oracle's Java VM. I'm just referring to the 37 MMAPI files from the AI article.Your...
ok. I understood the point he was making after he clarified.
Your right I should have used economic value instead of important in that statement. I understand that statutory damages for each violated work up to $150,000 per violation could be assigned. I should have included that as well.
I believe I understand your argument. I think we can agree to disagree on this. I'm sure there are many things I'll agree with you on in the future.I backed off of my statement calling Oracle a "patent troll". I've included my quote below. Calling Oracle a patent troll was a mistake.
So If I'm understanding you correctly you are saying these files are important because they show that Google used Oracle code as a starting point to reverse engineer the JavaVM to make the Davlik VM. Are you saying that this code in particular shows how the original Oracle JavaVM code worked thus allowing Google to reverse engineer the Java VM code in the Davlik JVM?
Binaries can violate a patent or license. You don't need to publish the source code to violate a patent or license.
That was not obvious to me because the files being hard to find hasn't been my argument. My argument is that the files in the zip file were not used for development of anything significant on Android. Their distribution in whatever limited fashion to the development community was likely a violation of the copyright. However, since a significant portion of copyright violation damages have to do with the damage done and gain from the violation, we have to look at the...
Apple pulled AirPrint functionality from printers attached due to licensing issues right? They had the offending files in their development versions of OS X which were distributed to developers. You can even download the files which were included at http://netputing.com/2010/11/11/airprint-hacktivator/. Apple realized these files had licensing issues and didn't ship them to non development versions. To me it would be preposterous for anyone to think that just because...
Comparing a zip file of code for testing audio drivers for one chipset with murder... seriously? I've read this forum for years, I read your posts and usually agree with you. That's not a statement that's commensurate with these files. These files didn't aid in the development of Android. I agree they are liable for having them there but the damage is minimal if any. If anything it's more like a paper cut, not murder.
Here is the detail on the files I am talking about. "The second set of 37 files is actually zipped up into one file called MMAPI.zip and tucked away in a directory used for native code audio drivers for one particular type of chip set. Florian really had to go digging for this one. I double-checked the make files and itÂ’s clear this file is not shipped with Android either. Somebody uploaded it by mistake and it should simply be deleted." -...
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