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Quick assessment: If you had your heart set on getting an iPad 2 now then your pretty much screwed.
Your right. It's just that I thought....not just me man a lot of other people....thought that Apple made a good number of units for the launch.God bless and protect the Foxconn workers. I wish them health and wellness and a decent salary.But not so much the units being made but I'm talking about the number of units prepared for this launch. I mean for pete's sake Apple is supposed to be launching in how many countries by the 25th?They are going to REALLY have to study...
Your right. It's a very strong temptation. Hey, all the information is here in this thread, this forum, and many other tech blogs. Your a smart guy. Make a decision. I believe I've made mine.
Please, it's mentally tiring to have to read crap with attitude just so someone can sound cool. ANYWAYS, Apple THEMSELVES forecasted Ipad sales for the new year as being near 30 to 45 million as compared to 15 million of the year before. Apple THEMSELVES stated that they were preparing widespread distribution methods that would neuter or at least lessen the the long lines of the iPad 1. Yet here we are with the iPad 2 launch and it seems like Apple has done NOTHING to...
Read this post on alleyinsider:http://www.businessinsider.com/flash...appened-2011-3
I wanted to like the xoom but I simply do not. It is certainly a generation 1 android tablet with the same clumsy feel as the t-mobile G1 back in the beginning of Android. I just hope that they evolve android for tablets VERY quickly. Also, because Steve Jobs sewed up all the suitable tablet panels from his component deals, manufacturers had no choice but to use whatever else was availabe. I'm referring to the 10.1 inch panels. They were made for laptops. Tablets made...
No. The guy to fire has to be several levels below Cook. Because Apple has had time and the intention to plan the iPad 2's inventory based on the well expected anticipation of a much greater demand this time around. It was widely expected that distribution was going to be wide and inventory very well stocked. But that didn't happen. Jobs may be happy at the demand of the iPad 2 but he just CAN NOT be happy with how actual sales are happening. How can any boss be happy...
How does the non-business geek invest in tech stocks? Is it simple as going to a website? What should I look out for and how much cash is reasonable to invest in a stock like Apple and still consider it disposable? I mean, for the investment to be worth it how many shares would I have to look at buying?
Seriously? An objective opinion that for the most part leaned positively toward the Apple device? Apparently I need to clear my "opinions" with the thought police. Besides, it's a good thing he responded and not you. I respect his opinion. You, I don't.
That's odd. I disagree with that although I admit I only used an iPad 2 for several minutes. Even so, I totally disagree with the smaller bezel thing. How large are your thumbs anyway?
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