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A virtual keyboard is the revolution that made the iPhone and iPad. When will they learn?
Works fine for me on iOS6. Daylight 'saving' time has caused problems for all OSes from the dawn of Unix till now. The best solution would be to get rid of daylight 'saving' altogether.
Another unfriendly and unconstructive comment of jragosta who didn't read (or understand) my comment.Good luck with that, I added you to my ignore list
The 4S isn't cheap to produce because of it shell. This rumor is very unlikely.
This link gives more info: http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/07/trusting-iphones-plugged-into-bogus-chargers-get-a-dose-of-malware/ .   A locked iPhone (as it should be) wouldn't accept the data connection and can't be infected, so no need for iOS7. It seems that Apple has to fix two other things: one, the user should be informed and be able to allow or deny if sensitive information like a UDID or email address etc. is requested, two, provisioning profiles...
Repeating and fabricating this kind of nonsense combined with the introduction of moderators and the new (ad infested) format makes an end to my visits to this site. Last post.   J. 
iOS is more than the iPhone, it's iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and in the future MacBook and iMac. If you can develop for 800 million users no one complains about 10 percent.J.
It seems to me that a mini iPhone is much more likely. In this way Apple adds a useful new product category no one has at the moment (remember small and ultra small was all the craze just before the start of the smartphone) and is able to reduce the price. It will make the extra large sPhones look extremely ridiculous, like the walkie-talkie phones of the '70s.   J.
  In short: make it iOS.   J.
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