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  Why not?   J.
Agreed, nice 3D icon by the way!J.
Hey, aBeliefSystem, if you have a real argument, just say it.Calling someone a 'tool' (and thinking your clever about it) isn't very nice and absolutely wrong in this case.As you should know if you read this forum all my comments are based on real knowledge and experience (and mostly right I might add), as this one was.So the 'tool', is you.J.
I was expecting this. Apple isn't unreasonable. J.
Insane piece of 'info'. If someone tells you to turn JavaScript off, don't listen. JavaScript is entirely different from Java and Flash. The latter two are bug ridden and can be seen as one big security hole, the former is part of the Internet standard and essential for viewing the web. Being able to install plugins is the cause of most security breaches not the solution for it. So browsing on iOS is safe compared to a desktop OS, even more so because iOS has restricted...
What you didn't notice was probably the biggest achievement.J.
Ok, nice, but waiting for the iPad version. J.
  Fixed that for you.   J.
  The stock market is a gamblers market.   J.
Your right, I initially allowed it. It's not as easy to 'uncheck' afterwards.I'am also happy with Apple maps and hope improvements like a Siri voice navigation and better search will arrive soon. It's important to have a valid alternative for Googles ad infested universe.J.
New Posts  All Forums: