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No point to rationalize it.The stock market is inherently unpredictable and stock trading is gambling.J.
Exactly.   J.
Doesn't seem to work on the iPad... J.
  If someone can buy a smartphone it is probable he/she can buy a car; with over a billion cars I would say turn by tun navigation is helpful for most.   J.
Search for "rijksmuseum Amsterdam". Excellent service, seems Google is doing something right. Seems to work in the small village I live in. J.
Seems horrible. Lets see ... Opening Apple maps, typing "apple store", enter: Apple store Amsterdam. 100% right.   J.
  Use the same "Report a Problem" link from within maps, choose "My problem isn't listed" and add a generic comment. What major capital by the way?   J.
  If it wasn't so sad and true, I would have laughed my head off.   J.
  You forgot Michelangelo, Einstein, ... I know lots of other people had similar predictions at the time. And its like the weather forecast, you read sanity into it after the fact.   It makes me think about a certain soccer player in The Netherlands, the greatest player ever according to the fans. But that wasn't enough, they seriously thought he was the greatest Dutchman ever in history, pure genius. Really embarrassing.   J.
So everyone is CEO it seems.Fine by me.J.
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