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Is everyone CEO nowadays?I don't think mentioning that has any value.but by not being a CEO myself I invalidate my statement?I could ask you to prove your a CEO ...J.
The first test I did with maps was my home adres in the Netherlands: bingo, correct street name and very up to date aerial photo's.But Google maps has a completely outdated photo that's 5 years old and an incorrect (and annoying) street name.So, from this mini statistics I can conclude that Apple maps is 100% all the time while Google maps is 0% right and 100% crap.But seriously if you read through the posts you will find several examples of mistakes in Google maps. And I...
Maps is even beter than I thought, 3D view in mountains is really execllent. Look at Bergamo (Italy) for example. Impressive. J.
Honesty is a real quality.J.
Ha ha.Same experience here with the Dutch 'consumentenbond'.Incredible and they even charge for it; the problem is lots of people believe what they say and buy a .. .Tab because of it.J.
Seems like a somewhat balanced evaluation. Could be they change opinion every week though. I largely agree with the quality of the turn by turn navigation interface, but I find it strange that they didn't note that Siri isn't the voice giving directions. The difference is very clear in English, the voice isn't as natural sounding as Siri and is a bit unfriendly and humorless. The Dutch version is extremely bad (full of noise and almost no 'contrast') and is barely...
I call it FUD. J.
No your wrong, that must be Final Cut Pro X.Absolutely the most horrible software in the universe ever. At least according to a few people complaining as hell, a year or so ago, when it was introduced.A few months later few complaints could be heard, blown away by the facts and the quality of the software.Think about it.J.
That they haven't (a say in apples plans) is evident, or all shareholders must disagree with you.It's you opinion that Apple made a big mistake, and you think they are not handling it well enough.So I would say that's a lack of trust in Apple. But if trust has nothing to do with it - as you say - it must be that your only in it for the money.(As a side note: don't you think you could be wrong on both accounts, not having all the information Apple has and not realizing...
You seem reasonable, but your Windows Phone gave you away.J.
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