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I agree. That's a positive and realistic attitude towards Apple maps.Maybe Apple launches its own satellite(s) and gets ultra high definition (and same color tone) images of the earth; it will blow the competition away.The future will be bright.J.
It's a good thing stock holders have no say in Apples plans.Since you have no trust in Apple you should sell your stock immediately.J.
  His name is above the article. Painful indeed.   J.
Spoken turn by turn navigation can't have ad's. And that's why it isn't in Googles interest to support it on another platform.On Android it's ok, because it attracts customers to Google (so they can see the ad's via other apps).Now that Apple has spoken turn by turn navigation, Google probably will create a maps app that also includes this feature as a damage control measure.J.
  You seem to divert the discussion ... But never mind: I expect Apple to release security updates for older versions of iOS, like they do for OS X.   You still don't seem to understand the point I made in my previous post: it's not about you, it's about Apple and all it's customers now and in the future.    J.
  It was known in advance that the old maps wasn't on iOS6, so you - as a customer - could have waited to upgrade or waited to buy a new iPhone. So you made the wrong decision, as a customer.   If you care to understand Apples decision to develop and use its own maps app, you have to consider that Apples goal isn't to please you. Apple has to balance short and long term customer satisfaction combined with all kinds of strategic moves to keep its competitors at bay. So,...
You obviously don't use an iPad3.J
If you can reverse engineer a netlist you deserve to use the chip design.J.
  The maps data is from TomTom, thats a Dutch firm, so it should be ok for the EU. My experience is that maps works excellent in the Netherlands and that even the street I live in has the correct name (something Google maps didn't get right even after 5 years).   J.
  The new Google maps app will be ad driven, so Google will leave a lot of money on the table if they do not release it for iOS   J.
New Posts  All Forums: