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  Your right if you mean that Google didn't create the excellent maps app (Apple did) and that Google isn't required to make a native app for iOS. But your mistaken about not being a Google customer, because you did use Googles data and map layout and you probably use Googles search also. Probably Apple did pay Google for its maps data so in this way its part of the product and you are even a paying Google customer. If Google didn't allow search on iOS you can search via...
  You could see it like this: Google missed out bigtime by not releasing a standalone maps app on time.   J.
  My thoughts exactly. Apple already made search on the desktop (and iOS) workable (without the ultra slow windows indexing and horrible interface) and promotes Wolfram Alpha. Maybe internet search is the next big thing.   J.
  Why don't you blame Google for not having its maps on the iPhone? Google could have anticipated this and released a standalone maps app for the iPhone (iOS6). In this way Google leaves its customers in the cold and forgets to seize the opportunity to beat Apple with a 'better' app.   J.
Your right that introducing Mac OS X was a similar shock to users, especially OS 9 users, because NeXT users (like me) did like it a lot from the start. But I wouldn't call it awful because the OS wasn't crashing all the time and did contain a lot of the innovation that is currently used by OS X and iOS. Similarly the new maps app contains a lot of innovation Apple can build on in the years to come.For some, I fear, it's the shock of new instead of the delight of it.J.
Couldn't agree more.J.
Maps is as important as the web, so Apple cannot let Google or Microsoft dominate that. So it's logical that Apple puts its weight into it. In a few years time nobody will remember the startup problems, in a way it's similar to the introduction of Final Cut Pro X. In the meanwhile navigation via the new maps app worked flawlessly for me today. J.
New maps app seems exellent, nice crisp layout perfect rendering. The street I live in has the correct name now, something Google never managed to get right (even after 6 years). Maps geographic info will be as good or better than the old one within the year. J.
I agree.J.
I'am sure they would have if the device was successful.Apple probably isn't after a monopoly, that has all kinds of disadvantages.But it does help if you slow down a competitor, especially if the competitor is hugely successfull.I think Apple honestly believes that Samsung is infringing on its patents, and in some cases Apple is right.But this case is more about the boundarys of the patent system and the current insanity of it.Software patents and patents that are too...
New Posts  All Forums: