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It is comparable, because the companies interest isn't aligned with that of the consumer.That's the point I made.Apples interest is as aligned - as it can get - with that of is customers.Of course Apple would like to sell you as much devices as they can and that is something a consumer has to watch out for. But this is easy to see and easy to get, Googles hidden agenda isn't that obvious (hence the hidden) and not at all made clear by the company. The same goes for MS,...
Note that Google is inherently untrustworthy, that's because they are interested in selling your data and keeping you as long and as often as possible in 'ad land'. It's comparable to MS first loyalty to companies instead of the customers they sell the software to.J.
And, if I may add: opt out of the default enabled 'report my data to Google' if you have to use Gmaps; it's kind of hidden under 'About, terms & privacy' (select head icon -> gear icon)No need to enhance the service.J.
Sounds like your evading the subject.And your wrong by the way: you cannot protect against (Googles) social engineering.J.
  See comment #5.   J.
But hey, it's a gamblers market, what can you expect. J.
Being able to upgrade is one thing, being able to fix is another.Hard disk are known to fail a lot more than memory or other computer components.So it's a real problem that they cannot be replaced easily.J.
Amit is as credible as his suggestion about Intel taking over chip production. As credible as a factor 10 price hike and a factor 5 in power dissipation. J.
Ok, your right, I can reproduce it now.If I look at the 'top' apps page scrolling isn't smooth.The other 4 pages 'featured', etc are ok though.J.
Ok, I believe your observation right away.But I cannot reproduce it.What I do see is that scrolling is 'jerky' while the app icons of the page you scroll load.After that scrolling is smooth.Also swiping the banner icons from the 'featured' page works fine.J.
New Posts  All Forums: