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Tried it just a minute ago, works fine for me.I did find that it is a bit slow right after the start.Maybe you have a slower network, that's important because it depends on data from elsewhere.J.Edit: I can imagine you don't like the design change of the app, it took me a while to get used to.
Lets not fire everyone. The AppStore app is exellent on iPad 3. No lag, no stutter. J.
  Ok, It's clear I shouldn't have asked the question. In response to your previous post: if you must have your databases (or other services) online and responsive all the time the software should make it redundant not the hardware. This means that you can use relatively cheap systems and swap one in case of failure, ask Google for example.   J.
  Who pays your posts?   J.
  Redundancy is an outdated concept, it's replaced - many years ago - by cheap of the shelf computers and components and a Mac mini qualifies as such. And as far as I know you can virtualize the latest version of Mac OS X Server (you do need to buy a separate license for it). If you need servers the best (and most obvious) way is to use linux, most of the internet runs on it so it should scale well for any organization. Mac OS X Server would be a great choice to manage it...
  That would be a new RISC instruction set, instead of the x86 translation to RISC currently used. Intel tried to introduce a new instruction set for 64bit processors (Itanium) a few years ago, but that didn't go well. I highly doubt they will try that again. x86 translation to RISC will always use more transistors - and dissipate more - than a pure RISC instruction set (without translation) like ARM.   J.
I was actually stating a fact.
  No (even better on the iPad), no and no.   J.
  Good question. I saw some valid answers. I would like to add that this is one of the reasons the EU doesn't work.   J.
  To my knowledge it is required by (EU) law to state that a product has 2 (or more) years warranty. So Apple has to put that information on its website when a customer views a specific product. Just checked, and no, currently only one year limited warranty on Apple products in the Dutch Apple store.   J.
New Posts  All Forums: