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If I see it correctly the Atom Z670 needs another separate chip SM35 to have feature parity with the A5X or A6X (and I exclude advanced audio processing of the A chips).Of course no TDP of this chip is given. Another point is that the graphics processor of the Z670 is in fact a PowerVR GPU, so Intel tries to beat the A(n) cores by being an A(n) for the part that dissipates the most.Nice.Also, TDP isn't officially defined and it wouldn't surprise me if Intel 'interpreted'...
With retina display, yes.The battery of my MacBook died ...J.P.S. did you see the "]["?
MacBook Airs are quite (quiet) powerful nowadays.J.
Absolute nonsense. J.
  Someone is selling big time.   J.
So Numbers isn't any good because you couldn't import comma separated values (csv) files.Wow.You know csv files have a very loose definition and conversion depends on the language setting of the OS and tool that does the conversion.It's probably just luck that the MS tools had the right configuration.Anyway, you will find that if you change the commas to semicolons (in your case, because other language settings of the OS have the comma as a default) it works perfectly well...
  There is, its called luck.   J.
  That seems to be in direct contradiction with the ARM 64bit Cortex A57 roadmap (up to 3GHz).   J.
  It's always difficult to foresee the future, especially because it's not the same as what you can see now. Lots of engineers in the know didn't see the transistor as a replacement of the vacuum tube back in the 50's. How could such an unreliable low power device replace the far superior vacuum tube, that's impossible. I must admit, the future of ARM is a lot easier to predict.   J.
  Your absolutely right. Apple uses Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and a small C extension (blocks) to make writing parallel code a lot easier. So using lots of cores on a SoC is a very good idea to enhance performance.   J. 
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