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Yep, it will make no difference at all. Why, you ask, because Mac OS X is resolution independent. As for your other comments: do you have an iPhone? Of course you don't, if you did, you would know the difference. J.
A virtual keyboard is a game-changer. Its incredible that you don't get that. But then, some phone makers still don't get it either. I'am waiting on a pre-paid version of the iPhone with an (iChat) camera on the front and an HD movie/photo camera on the back. This (the front camera) will be the next game-changer. J.
It is of course possible that people change, even Bill Gates. It is possible that the influence of his wife made him a better person.
That's sad. I'm sure they will thank you later on. In the mean time, I'am waiting for my 27inch iMac ...
Use ClickToFlash to get rid of the advertising.
Your completely wrong on this. See my earlier comment. The thing is, GCD is a framework that 'drives' OpenCL. It is nothing like CUDA. And GCD is accompanied by several other core technologies like LLVM and a C extension (closures) to make it much easier to implement. I'v seen some experiment with it and a speedup of 20 to 25 times for some rendering applications like photo enhancements and movie effects is already shown. And, thats a lot of PC's to buy. And yes, OpenCL...
$599 would suffice, if you wait a few days is will be as low as $499.
You would have an answer to your question if you looked at Apples keynote presentations, instead of SB face. J.
Hmm, yes I was a bit carried away when I used 'dominate'. I guess I had the iPhone in mind. The enterprise market is a 'problem' for Apple because of the legacy windows hardware. But thats a problem for MS too, because no one wants to upgrade if the application runs ok and the hardware still works. J.
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