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Your wrong on almost every account. First, my point was that Apple is on the forefront of software development. Webkit, HTML5 and LLVM are both examples of heavy involvement from Apple. GCD and OpenCL are at the core of Mac OS X and for a large part developed and designed by Apple. Apples state of the art software is the reason for future success. And with Snow Leopard Apple user don't have to wait for a new release to see some rendering applications (in some situations)...
My impression from reading (parts of) Walt Mossberg's reviews over the years is that he is a very reluctant Apple fan; if he is a fan at all. He is more a wolf in sheepskin if you ask me. Anyhow, he missed the point completely. Snow Leopard has LLVM, WebKit (HTML5), GCD and openCL under its skin. And Apple is at the forefront of software technology. This is essential for the (near) future. And Apple will, because of its software skills, and smart use of the open...
The Mini - currently - has a NVIDIA graphics processor; the same as the MacBook and unibody MacBook. The translation is also correct, so it means that a new faster NVIDIA processor is used.
Correct, 'krachtiger' means 'more powerful'.
Wrong translation, 'krachtiger' is 'more powerful' and in this case it means a faster processor. Need a translation of the other text below the second link?
Yes, it does. Tax rate is 20% down here.Expect the price of the Mini to be $499; as a rule Apple uses the same price in dollars and euros.
He has more of a risk being sued by Apple, if his exploit turns up in the wild. A moron, I would say.
I don't think that will work, apart from the difficulty of recreating an application in a realistic way (lots of subtle details) it must be created and launched. This throws up all kinds of hurdles for the hacker. The application must be signed to prevent a password request popup. And I suspect that signing cannot be done without elevated user rights and results in ... a password request. It won't work to delete all files either. With time machine all files can be...
Excellent piece !
Why use it, if you don't like the user interface at all? I know the difference when I see the VISTA color smear that is called a user interface. But maybe I see the flaw in your use of Leopards user interface. You should have changed the "space theme background image" (ugly, I agree with you on that) to an image of your own. J.
New Posts  All Forums: