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And did you hear the reason Apple had to put that statement on its website? Consumers could be confused because the Tabs could be illegal... Utterly insane, as if one consumer would be confused, and even if they did buy an 'illegal' device, so what. Will the English police confiscate it then? The real reason (I think) is that the English court is showing its 'power'. We can make big Apple say anything we want. The other points are also insane, the Tab's were all banned...
Ok, really funny.J.
  I couldn't agree more.   J.
  A shame though that Tim Cook made the wrong choice. I guess John Browett's real talent is to present himself favourably.   J.
  Good point. A big difference between the ARM and Linux movement is that ARM isn't 'open source'. Another difference is that ARM is a company and Linux isn't. My guess is that the GNU (copyleft/right whatever) license is as much a hindrance as the 'openness' is a help. But note that Linux (and open source software in general) is a big success on the server side.   J.
The point is, would you buy the discounted old iPad3 when a new more than twice as fast iPad4 is available? I wouldn't. And in that case your not short changed. You only have slower hardware.And slow only in comparison, because in absolute sense the iPad3 is a 'beast' and you will be able to play the new games because game engines are scalable and only some games push the iPad to the max.The reason performance doubled in such a short time is that the feature size of the...
Could you elaborate on that?J.
I got it to zero in a very short time and very happy to bring the windows boxes to the dump.Even got Mac minis at work now.J.
Wow, you sound like a first rate a-hole.J.
  One handed operation of the iPad mini is impossible. You need two hands to do that. (Unless you type with your nose.) The iPad is easy to use standing up (or walking), even without smart cover. Typing emails, browsing the web, etc, is all very easy to do. (I even type while running up the stairs.)   J. 
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