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  As a side note, color is the most important factor for human perception, resolution is only second. So natural colors with high dynamic range unchanged by the viewing angle make the most impression. Keeping the glass thin and laminating the lcd also adds to the natural and lifelike impression because icons seem to float on the display and 3D effects look real.   J.
No question about that, just as excellent as on the iPad.J.
  I have one (NeXTstation) stowed away in the attic somewhere. Made of magnesium if I remember correctly. Inspiring piece of equipment.   J.
  You do know that a FREE phone really isn't with a contract? What is your age?   J.
  You make it a bit too obvious.   J.
Rosemary's baby comes to mind.J.
Your right, I was thinking MJ thriller, but Steven King is better.J.
Productivity software on an iPad cost only a few dollars and is really ... productive, and you can buy it now.The keyboard is included, it's a virtual one, and that's the whole point of a tablet.Did you see the surface keyboard in the ad? It looked bulky and maybe suitable to defend yourself against armed attackers.J.
2) when true, is pretty lame in itself.J.
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