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Did you see the ad?The surface looked like a brick to me.The eerie image of the 'schoolchildren dancing' is difficult to forget.J.
In the Netherlands we would say: "een broodje gebakken lucht". J.
  I don't think so. If Apple provides a netlist Samsung can copy it but has no (VHDL) design. Such a low level description has almost no design information, like the binary code from a C program after compilation. So Samsung can make an exact copy of the information (and that's a must if Samsung is to produce the chip) but it cannot make variations or use parts of the design the netlist originates from.   J.
Ha ha.   J.
You do like to have the last word, even if you quote me completely wrong.I would advise you to improve your reading skills.J.
I see. Everything has to be spelled out for you.I'am not playing that game.Have a nice day.J.
Hmm, it's fine if you have another opinion, it isn't if you state something is wrong and don't indicate what it is.Saying something is wrong doesn't make it so.J.
My point is that the change in the chip roadmap is caused by physical limitations and has nothing to do (and didn't coincide with) a change in desire to push the performance.The latter is caused by the former, not the other way around.Again, your completely wrong.J.
Read my other post to clarify it for you. Maybe I am even less credible to you now?(You make a funny mistake: "They Steve different purposes and trying to turn a notebook into a tablet or Touch ...", it should be 'serve', instead of 'Steve'. You know, Steve Jobs wasn't always right, even Apple doesn't think so, look at the iPad mini. Times change.)J.
1) Didn't say it was, wasn't talking about that...2) That was before Apple demonstrated iOS. Notebooks will be replaced by larger Pads (Tablets) say A4 format. iOS will replace Mac OS X, but it will of couse be a mix (with a lot of new features). In the somewhat longer run iMacs will be replaced by Pads too.3) Didn't say it wasn't. Emulation can replace it, think of Rosetta for example. But I didn't say that is necessarily the way to do it, I was talking about hardware...
New Posts  All Forums: