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No. x86 code isn't usefull on a touch device (and future notebooks will of course be touch devices).The web will probably be sufficient if you have to use MS code.If I remember correctly several hardware translators for the x86 instruction set exist.The crusoe processor (from Transmeta) for example. And it isn't owned by Intel.Software translation is another option, recently a Russian team developed a super effective emulator for x86 code on ARM.But software or hardware...
Ha ha, you are suggesting that clock speeds didn't increase because consumers are happy!You couldn't be more wrong, clock speed didn't increase because they hit a wall.Intel and other changed the marketing tune to reflect this.J.
Metadata can be quite informative.The difference between the data a year ago and now is as absolute as it can be.(Given ofcourse that Chitika is using the same data source and isn't a fraud.)J.
You read way to much into it.Moore's Law is just an observed phenomenon seen as a reference point and a goal for further innovation later on (*)A similar observation regarding doubling of clock speed that held true for some decades and was also an industry reference point is already untrue for some years.Simply because it wasn't feasible to implement commercially.One observation holds true for every exponential growth: it will halt at a certain point because of the...
Your right, if you consider web browsing, maps, messaging, whatsapp, calendar, music, navigating, games, news reading and lots and lots of other apps as things you do on dump phones.J.
  Nowhere. For example, 40% + 62% = 102% ? Not a problem at all: someone who owns an iPhone can plan to buy a new one (to replace the current iPhone, or to have two phones, etc.).   J.
  Your right. Google maps didn't even get the name of the street I live in correct, not even after 5 years. Its satellite view is also 5 years old and completely inaccurate. Apple's maps on the other hand has the correct name and view.   J.
  Good point. A wifi ipad can have a cellular network connection via tethering, so that's not a problem at all. GPS location info could be obtained via the tethering device but I don't thing this will work via the default API's.   J.
So it's completely unpredictable.J.
It's as unpredictable in the long run, as it is in the short run.Think about it if it wasn't.Gamblers think they know when 'it's going to be black', but reality doesn't change because your able to fool yourself.J.
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