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Just make the ringtone in iTunes in about 60 seconds by changing the start/stop times to a file, encoding an MP3 version, renaming it a .M4r, and importing.
Scratch that. I reset my network settings and rebooted the phone, and now I don't get 3G service at all. Maybe that's actually a good thing...meaning, the displayed signal is actually more accurate than it was previously. That said, I'm still dead in the blue in AT&T's 3G map...so this pretty much blows.
Park between 25th and 26th...was in the LES at home (same story), and just moved to Williamsburg (same story). As I type, I have 3 bars and get spotty voice and zero data throughput. At $30 a month, just beyond frustrating...
Still getting the patented "Safari cannot load the page because the page is not responding" error on 3G. Every. Time. Zero. Throughput. Brilliant. (And I am in Manhattan. So please spare me the "do you have coverage?" question)
Unbelievable deal. If you live in an area with well-saturated wifi, just run SIP-VoIP and have a nice little device for a shell of what a traditionally "functional" one would cost you.
Yep, minderbinder nailed it...I found the "red/yellow swap" solution, but it was a 2006 posting.
...but I don't understand how the "controversy" regarding the mandatory use of an apple cable has been abated? Your standard $10 composite A/V cable does not work on my 3Gnano or my ipod touch....am I missing something? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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