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"YOU BILL PHONE!"   "YOU BILL PHONE NOW!!"   "YOU NO TALK!"   "YOU COLLEGE KID WITH YOU HIGH-MINDED IDEALS AND REBELLIOUS SENSE OF FREEDOM!  YOU SHUT UP!  YOU BILL PHONE!"   Sorry, this is what popped in to my head when I pictured college students trapped in an iPhone 5 factory in the "Far East"...
I'll add an "Dude there are too many effin' like, things on this"
OK everyone listen!  I have a perfect solution to all this maps bickering!   Google just leaves maps alone and FOCUSES ON GOOGLE FIBER AND PUTTING IT EVERYWHERE!   Apple- release your maps, then focus on making the new iPhone!   Solved!
It's not that Apple is taking a lead in the Business and enterprise space, and Android is becoming a consumer-oriented platform.  It's that Android's only marketshare is coming from consumers.  Apple has a huge and dominant following there.  The market is not being split by the two players, its just that one player can only compete in one market, whereas the other market is completely dominated by the other player.
I honestly believe that these companies should be allowed to bring the money in to the United States, tax free, if it is for capital expenditures- like factories, buildings, stuff like that. Can someone tell me why this would be bad? I'm not asking in a challenging or a baiting way- I'm dead serious- I want to hear a well-reasoned argument as to why that would be bad. I haven't given too much thought to it- my reaction was more of a knee-jerk one.
I think "IDC" is some college drop-out's garage business. He just sends crap out like this with graphs, goofy sources and no real data to back it up... Just for kicks.
Tallest Skill put it best.
You know what else is inevitable Randall? Apple buying a carrier and forcing its competition to the roles they should have- dumb data pipes that behave like utility companies. No advertising budget, no idiot CEOs, no deliberate consumer confusion and tiered plans. THAT is the future RANDALL.
New Posts  All Forums: