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 But if you look at who/what dominates the TV industry, it's low-end sets.   Samsung, with it's relatively low prices in much of its line, has effectively killed both Sony and Panasonic.   Sony's current approach is at the high-end and they're pushing expensive 4K sets, but it remains to be seen whether that's going to be even remotely successful and Sony has threatened to get out of the TV business entirely.   Panasonic is no longer making plasma sets.     Now having said...
No..apps aren't good enough for TV.   The problem with apps, is that there's no unified list of all programming available.   It's a pain to switch from Netflix to  Hulu to Amazon to AppleTV offerings to an actual cable or OTA channel. It all needs to be integrated and I think Steve Jobs recognized that when he supposedly made the comment that he had licked the UI problem.
Home user who doesn't exchange documents with anyone, yes.    Business users and people who exchange files, no. I'm looking forward to an Office update, but only if Outlook email, address book and calendar syncs via iCloud.   If it doesn't do that, it's worthless.   
No, you have it backwards:  Its is the possessive form of it ( the dog licked its paw), while it's is the contraction of it is ( look, it's a dog licking its paw) or it has ( it's been too long). The apostrophe in it's never denotes a possessive. The confusion is understandable, since other possessive forms (singular nouns) do take an apostrophe + s, as in the girl's bike or the president's smile.
I think on AI, we should leave politics out of it.  Hardly anyone is ever going to change their position, so it's nothing more than verbal masturbation to comment on either the Israeli or Palestinian governments.   If Apple decided not to do business in any country where the Government has been accused of doing something terrible, they wouldn't be able to do business anywhere (including the United States).   The fact is that the more non-Israeli companies that do...
I don't know whether the complaint about 10.9.2 are real or not, but there's enough of them that I'm not taking any chances.   I'm not loading that update.  I'll wait for 10.9.3.   Luckily, I don't use Mail - I still use Outlook, but since Mavericks there are some problems there as well.
This is why I usually wait a few weeks before upgrading.   The few times I upgraded immediately after an update was released I regretted it. One of the things that seemed to happen coincident with 10.9 is that using Outlook, I get constant connect errors when it goes out to get mail.  (My mail accounts are via my ISP and connected to websites that I run).      On the next try, it will work fine.   I spoke with my ISP's tech support and they claim there's nothing wrong with...
While some people make this political, it's not inherently about politics.  It's about basic human rights.   A company cannot ignore the society that it does business in.   If we look at just one issue, hiring great employees, the employees who want to work for a corporation take into consideration the environment the office or plant exists in.    That includes everything from housing prices in the community, whether there is local culture, interesting people, good...
Especially since Jesus was not born on what we celebrate as Christmas Day.  
Congratulations.    There aren't many people with your sincere understanding of what Christianity (and some other religions) is supposed to be about. Just as many conservatives criticize the new Pope, it is my sincere belief that if the Jesus we have come to believe existed was to return, he would be persecuted as a radical, leftist, Marxist 'nut'.    
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