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Not only would rumors of an early release depress iPhone6s sales, but if it is released early, fewer consumers would upgrade to the iPhone7 because either they had too recently invested in an earlier model or they're still tied up via contract.   Because there are still many people on 2-year contract cycles, it makes much sense to release the phones at a consistent time of the year each year.
Ordinarily I would agree, but it's been obvious for years that this is a pro-Apple site. It's not like this is a general technology site that claims to be completely unbiased. This site is all about bias as is any fan site.It's like complaining that a fan site about Disney and/or Star Wars is produced by people who own Disney stock. Big surprise.
 Think of it this way:   Bond doesn't get to choose his devices.  They're Government issue.  The British government, like almost all governments, buys incompetently.    
That's what I thought.   I saw TV spot for the movie and Sony phone a few nights ago, unless the it's just a spot with the character and the phone isn't seen in the actual movie. 
Let's not mix politics into this - it's completely irrelevant.   There is absolutely no relationship with love/hate for Apple and what one's politics are.  We have people on here on both the ultra-conservative right and the very liberal left.   We've got NRA members and members of Occupy.   I happen to be a leftist, but I think Daisey is a dishonest idiot.   Daisey is an incompetent ass and frankly, I don't even think AI should have responded to his ridiculous article.  ...
I could see this for museums, shopping malls, sports arenas and the like, but I wonder if hospitals, government offices and even colleges would consider such detailed mapping of their facilities to be a security risk.    Also, an old facility like the Museum of Natural History in NYC is a rabbit maze and there are many areas of the museum in which you currently can't get phone service, it would probably be quite expensive for them to place WiFi throughout the facility.    ...
And I think they're making a big mistake.   The power of Amazon is that "everything" is sold there.   If they're going to back away from that concept and make the site more proprietary (which could extend to promoting Amazon authors' books over others, for example) that's going to hurt them in the long run.   It's not really the world's biggest store if there are major, well-known products in the marketplace that you've suddenly refused to sell.   And from a PR standpoint,...
I don't think so.   I live in Forest Hills and Verizon says FIOS is not available here.   And my mother's high-rise building is near Coney Island and they can't get FIOS either (and it's not the condo Board preventing it). As far as I've heard, Verizon stopped building out some time ago as it was too costly for them.    Even though I'd like higher speeds, I'm not sure that I'd switch anyway.
Right.  So we should never make jokes about criminal enterprises.   We should never, for example, make jokes about the mob- no one would ever do that..   Sure.   And I don't know what "Nigerian is Nigerian" means.   
Anyone know who is doing the voiceover in the main ad?   It sounds like it might be Lake Bell.  I think the voiceover is incredibly well done.
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