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There's parking under the round structure and there's also a separate 3-story parking structure. See the previous post from a few days ago that includes a PDF with all the details.
No they didn't. Penn Station was destroyed to build Madison Square Garden. The PanAm building is adjacent to the rear of Grand Central Terminal, but the GCT still exists in all its glory.
Every retailer claims that there's no margin on what they sell. I've had retailers tell me they make no money on Apple hardware, but then they also claim that there's no margin on software. I refuse to believe that they only make money selling accessories like cases, warranties and the magazines or candy they sell at the register. While the manufacturers have substantially reduced margins over the years, it's not credible that retailers have no margin on practically...
I think Apple's going to have a hard time, in spite of the fact that Samsung did copy the iPadAll computer and phone screens are rectangular and are rounded corners that unique? All monitors and almost all phones have a flat clear surface that covers the front. The metal frame around may be somewhat unique or it may be the most generic way to seal the top to bottom. Centered display: so? You can't get a patent or copyright on a centered display. Colored icons when...
Actually, I originally thought that diagram was the office space and was thinking, "that's a lot of very small cubicles with no offices and no conference rooms."
I would disagree with you. One can love Apple's products or even the company and still not scream like a little girl every time Apple opens another location in another look-alike mall. While Apple has and continues to open some locations that are quite exciting architecturally, the typical Apple mall store is nothing to get that excited about: lit cabinets on the walls, parsons tables for the devices and (usually) hard concrete floors. When Apple first...
Guess you don't know what "also" means. I do want better performance. Sometimes it just hangs for minutes at a time or brings up the last map I used and doesn't react to pressing the "current location' icon. And I don't think the additional features I asked for are big deals - it's not like I asked for automatic rerouting and/or audio instructions like Android and paid apps have (although I would certainly like those as well.)
I'd be happy if they'd just get better performance out of the current Map app. I'd also like to be able to touch 'point a' and touch 'point b' and say, "give me directions", rather than having to search for at least one of those locations. I'd also like to see the app incorporate bicycle routes as Google Maps does now (in Beta).
Wonder where the old glass is going. That's very expensive glass, so I hope it's going somewhere. Is it going to be Steve's new greenhouse at his new home? And at least from the photos/rendering, I think I kind of like the old one better as well. But these things always look better in person. Wonder whether Apple or Steve is paying for the new one and what drove the change.
Furthermore, most large companies, especially conglomerates, operate in a very decentralized way. That's why you have one division suing Apple and another doing big business with them. I've worked for three very large companies and my experience is that each business unit does exactly what's best for them because each has their own P&L. Only occassionally does a directive come from the top overriding those decisions. I've almost always found it harder to deal with...
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