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 My point was that by the time they understood it would be used in a mass market device like the iPhone, she was no longer with us, so they couldn't say, "hey, let's get Barrett", although if there are enough dialog recordings in the clear from her Star Trek performances, they could probably be used to construct the voice for Siri purposes by using individual syllables.  
Yes, but it's doubtful the rights assigned included broadcast advertising rights because at the time it was signed, Nuance probably never anticipated that it would be used that way.   The contract would also have to have included a phrase like, "in any and all media, both that known today and media that will be developed in the future..." If it did, the actors are screwed.   If it didn't, an actor could indeed go after Nuance for exploiting rights they didn't have.   It...
 Yes, but those are incredibly bad impersonators, badly recorded.  
 I also used to be involved with voice-over talent.   My bet is that she was hosed for use on the iPhone itself, but she might have been compensated quite well for the use of her voice in any Apple TV ads that featured Siri.     If she wasn't, she should have been, but it would have been harder to get away with that, especially if she is in AFTRA.  
 No problems.   I find it works far better than under iOS6.    My daughter's name is Kerin and under iOS6, it would always interpret that as Karen.   The iOS7 version gets it right.       I also just asked it if I had any appointments for Monday.     Then I said, "what about Tuesday?"   I don't think it would have understood that under iOS6, but it did under iOS7.    If it can't find the server, I would check your connectivity.    
 The new voice in iOS7 in the U.S. sounds like it's the old voice, but presented faster, smoother and with less affectation, probably the result of better processing.       But I also agree with some other postings that it would cool to have some choices including those of HAL9000 and Majel Barrett.   Personally, I wouldn't mind also having the voices of Bugs Bunny, Wolfman Jack, Boris Karloff, Mick Jagger, James Earl Jones (doing Vader), Lake Bell (who recently wrote,...
 She passed away in 2008. 
1.  Idiots do get licenses, since it's easier to get a driver's license in the U.S. than just about anywhere else in the world, but even if that wasn't the case, there are lots of idiot or simply rude (and therefore dangerous) drivers.   But even aside from that, poorly designed roads do cause accidents and I don't think I've ever seen a road with three left turn lanes.    So I think there is potential for problems there.   Roads should be designed with idiots in mind.  ...
 It is actually quite safe except when Congress refuses to lift the debt limit.
The majority of consumers never needed a PC or Mac, there just wasn't any alternative.    The vast majority of people use a computer to accomplish the same things that a pad or smartphone can already do pretty well:   surf the web, read/write a small amount of email, use Facebook, Tweet, watch YouTube, listen to music, manage photographs, read an ebook or play games.    Only a minority of users need the ability to edit video or photos in a sophisticated way, be able to...
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