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      Sure it's not the iPhone "Meth"?   (Because that's what some people must be taking to believe some of these rumors).
  Yes, don't you know that Apple's future is tenuous?      How dare Apple mismanage the company to have a record quarter and (by September) $156 billion in cash.     What incompetency!    When Apple can't keep products in stock, the market panics (supply chain problems).   When Apple can keep products in stock, the market panics (demand must be down).           Analysts complain that Apple's products aren't inexpensive enough and yet when Apple releases new products with...
Some people would criticize SJ for paying far more than other companies offered, but if you consider the extensive resources that senior execs dedicate to negotiating acquisitions and performing due diligence and all the focus it requires, it was actually a brilliant move to spend the extra money and get it done quickly, especially since $80 million is almost pocket change for Apple. Apple is currently projected to have about $156 billion in cash. Let's say it was $125...
Wow. I had forgotten that Apple shares were that low as recently as 10 years ago. And even at the currently depressed $500 a share price that's a 7143% return. I think my cheapest shares that I still own were priced at around $175. Glad to see that some sense has re-enered in the analyst fantasyland and some firms are once again predicting an $1100 share price, although I see the stock is down another 4 points at the moment. Down, even though Apple is expected...
  Maybe.   But if you've made enough money and you have enough stock and your options have already come due,  there comes a time when you say to yourself, "I don't need the aggravation anymore, even (or maybe especially) if I do get promoted."     That's one of the disadvantages of paying people too well.    They don't have to stay.
I disagree.   The approval process is primarily about technical issues.   Apple cannot be responsible for copyright issues within each application.   Do you realize what it would cost Apple to perform the research to make sure that the developer had all rights to the content within the app?  That's totally impractical.   Do you also think that Apple has to make sure that every song on iTunes has not illegally copied another existing song?    Because to be consistent, you...
Agreed. The screen is probably the most expensive component. So how could it be a larger screen AND a cheaper price? Makes no sense. And why would anyone even want a 5" screen. Apple's already made a big deal about how they purposely didn't increase the width of the screen so it still could be easily held.
That's not what killed the Newton.   What killed the Newton was that the big marketing push for the device was for handwriting recognition and it did that extremely poorly.   So people laughed at it.   It was also pretty expensive, but if the handwriting recognition had worked (or if it had an embedded keyboard), it probably would have been relatively successful as the Palm was later on. 
I disagree that the iPad mini is useless.    Try holding the regular iPad on a subway or the equivalent and compare it to the Mini.    The difference in weight is the important factor in situations where you're not resting the iPad on anything.     In the case of the iPhone, weight is not a factor and the tiny differences in screen sizes are not going to change the experience much.    Therefore, I don't think that we're going to see new models in different sizes. 
I don't buy the multiple sizes either. It's totally unnecessary and complicates matters for application developers. Frankly, because most people use a case for their iPhone, I'm not sure how important multiple colors are until such time as Apple made an iPhone that was indestructible enough that it didn't need a case.
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