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I think he's saying not that it's missing contacts, but it's not copying over the field in which he keeps the parent names of each student, which I suspect he has in a notes field.
never mind
No..the phone is supposed to produce 720p/30 video. It may be overly compressed and it might not be the greatest sensor in the world, so there's crushed blacks, blooming, etc, causing any number of artifacts, but from a resolution standpoint 720p is the same as what Fox and ABC broadcast at (CBS and NBC broadcast at 1080i). So from a resolution standpoint it should look fine. Not as good as a Blu-ray disc, but fine.
I agree. I do not want to get locked into Apple licensed products just because Apple doesn't like the standard mini jack. And does the iPhone and other such devices really need to be even thinner than they already are? I really don't need to keep my phone in my wallet. While this article states that Apple would continue to use a standard jack and it would fold away somehow (huh?), if Apple did want to change the jack, I suppose that would be okay if they made the...
There are standards for legal briefs. If you look at most legal briefs and contracts, they're still generally printed in 12pt Courier (monospaced) font, a holdover from the days of typewriters, even though readability experts will tell you that variable spaced fonts are easier to read (although maybe that's the point - they're not really meant to be read.) Pre-printed forms are an exception - if you go to the store and buy a Blumberg's form, those are generally in a...
No, I think he meant a memory of three places as in 128GB, 256GB, etc.
I don't know what personalized setup has to do cutting software products from the stores. The software sits on wall space - it doesn't take up any room. If they want to cut software from the store because they want people to use the App Store, that's one thing, but it has nothing to do with making physical space available for personalized setup. The space used to sell printers does take up floor space, but in the real world, both in business and at home for...
What makes you think Apple is going to give those to Best Buy for free? I doubt that very much. Back in the early days of Apple, publishers and developers were able to purchase Apple computers for half of list price and they frequently seeded equipment for free (they once sent me a free Mac and Laser Printer), but now the discounts are very minimal - equivalent to the educational discount.
Offensive to your religion, huh? Do you have an altar with a picture of Steve on it?
I disagree. I think it's really important if one is using a phone while driving. Some years ago, I had a Motorola phone that did voice recognition amazingly well. It wasn't perfect, but being able to say, "Call Jane" and having the phone come back and say "Home?" and replying "no" and then having the phone say "Cell?" and saying "yes" and having it dial was great. And although I don't text much, I could also see it being useful for that. And I would think that...
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