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Thanks, but I've done my homework on the drives. All I was asking was can I just buy a MBP with a standard drive, and swap it out with an SSD without any other changes to the hardware. But it looks like the answer is yes, I can. So thanks.
Okay, so I'm about to go buy the new 15" Macbook Pro i5, and I'm wondering if I just got it with the stock mechanical hard drive, could I swap it out with a aftermarket SSD if I chose not to pay Apple's premium to have it as a BTO option? I guess I'm just wondering if it's a SATA controller change, or just the drive.
I'm all for OS X, heck, I switched my whole family over to it, but you Tauron, are one of the reasons I cringe every time I think about the fanboyism Windows users scream at us about.Each OS has it's uses, and every person has their preference. I agree, OS X is over all better than Windows, but I'm not going to throw it in the face of everyone who has an opinion to the contrary.
That was his point.
Nah, it's not a virus. A Virus is characteristically malicious. Vista didn't "intend" to cause all those issue, it was just immature.
Could, but wouldn't. Adobe's employees would still act like Adobe employees.
With Adobe's poor reputation on staying with the times and subpar disposition towards OS X? Are you mad? That'd bring Apple's quality bar down 4 notches.
There are a number of reasons why it's smaller. The first reason is that the general computing sales industry claims hard drive sizes based on a 1000 byte system when it's "really" 1024 bytes. 1 MB is 1024 bytes, and 1 GB is 1024MB. But they count 100GB as 100,000MB instead of 102,400MB. So the larger the drive, the more inaccurate that advertisement is. The actual drive size is "always" smaller than the number on the box because the computer itself displays the correct...
Based on everything I've read about this case, I still feel that Adkin's claims that Papermaster broke his contract is questionable... Personally, it looks very much like Adkin just has a personal grudge against Jobs, and Apple for whatever reason, and is taking it out on his own (former) employee. What troubles me is how he, a person so high up in the industry's ranks, doesn't seem to care at all about the families affected by his own petty revenge.
Okay, basically, I'm using a 2nd Gen Macbook Pro, Core 2 Duo pre-Santa Rosa. Fresh leopard install. Standard Microsoft 2-button and scroll wheel mouse. No 3rd party drivers, no funny software. Just a generic USB mouse plugged into the MBP. Once in a while, like maybe 5 or 6 times a day on a 8 hour work schedule, Leopard will either not register the click at all, or it will register it twice, one click as I press down, and another click as I release it. I've made sure...
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