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sweet idea man, I'm with you. [ 04-03-2002: Message edited by: macway ]

[quote]Originally posted by Max8319: do you actually have to download the whole program??? is there an updater for 2.0.3 users???
If it's to any comfort, the installer says "Update" as you're about to begin the installation. [ 03-21-2002: Message edited by: macway ]

nVidia claims that the new Geforce 4 fully accelerates the Aqua interface. Perhaps that's why the new Power Macs are such speedos? Anyone's got more on this? Just marketing?
Wasn't the SOI process supposed to increace performance by 30% at the same clock rate? Remember reading something like that, way back...
Apple is having enough problems shipping the new iMacs as it is. I'm sure the ads will kick in later in February/March...
Your insults aren't fun, Scott. Why do you keep them coming? You're a clever person, please behave accordingly. Just a wish.
buy thin people, ewww... Before you put the pix up on the wall, scan and post here.
The lastest build of Mozilla totally rocks. Snappy, stable and does a good job following the standards out there. Omniweb has too much blur to it I think, and feels slow (not at rendering pages).
You could always ask the Company directly.
OMG! :eek: :eek:
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