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6.5% is better than zero since these companies will never bring that money back at the current rate.
The trolls suddenly.... disappeared!
To put things in perspective. This is 12.6% of all iPhones sold since the iPhone was released in Jun/2007 (excluding Q4 2014). This is just one quarter.
Some people may choose this philosophy. I personally would like to try new tech that works great with my other stuff. I also find Apple Watch appealing. So I don't mind spending ~$400 on it.
Hopefully battery technology improves and we get much better battery life in the future. Until then we have to live with what we have.
I think this is how Apple going to do it.
My late 2011 15" MBP suffered from this issue (my previous post). My advice is to keep it cool. Buy one of these stands with cooling fans. Mine suffered this issue when my son started playing Minecraft on it regularly... Not anymore.
This happened to my late 2011 MBP exactly 30 days after my AppleCare warranty expired. I took it to Apple Store and they kept it for 4 days running tests. They called me saying nothing was wrong and I should come pick it up. When I got there the employee came back and told me they actually replicated the issue and it will cost me around $300 to send to the depot to replace the display, Logicboard with GPU, and RAM. I said let me think about it. So I went home and called...
Great!! But no thank you. The last thing I want is Google software enabling remote connection to my Mac.
 Majority of Muslims are not fundamentalists. Regarding your questions I can tell that you read these things somewhere and didn't even bother to research them. The penalty for apostasy is not specified in the Quran. In extreme circumstances the punishment can be death since it is considered treason. The adultery punishment applied to men AND women by the way. Where the hell did you read in the Quran that Jews are "sub-human"?! And where in the Quran did you read that...
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