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 I use lots of math calculations in my apps and when I added support for 64-bit for one of them there were more than 200 warnings regarding the use of int (for integer variables). It is not difficult but not as simple as checking a box. Apple will not remove 32-bit apps after Feb 2015. They will not approve new apps or updates to existing apps after that date.
Want this on the iPhone!!
Did you notice how he stretched his arms when trying to bend the Moto X? This is an old trick since you cannot put lot of force because you are using your wrists and not your arms. When he tried to bend the iPhone he placed it close to his chest because this way he can use arms and shoulder strength to bend it.
I used it a lot before FaceTime because there were few options. Now I only use it to make international phone calls. I believe being cross platform and conference video calls are the main reasons it is still popular.
Skype for iPhone user interface is probably the worst I have ever seen. It should be used as an example of what NOT to do when designing an app.
I got to check both phones in person before deciding.. I will be upgrade eligible in November.
 It is not a traditional luxury watch. The only things in common between Apple Watch and traditional Watch are they both go on your wrist and tell time. You might as well call the iPhone a pocket watch since it tells time and goes in your pocket. Batteries can be replaced and the fact that it is built from durable material will make it last for long time. Maybe not generations but definitely more than two years.. even more than 10 years if you ask me. There are still 1st...
I didn't know Apple Watch came with expiration date printed on it.
Resistance is futile!
Wait!! Are we going to circulate rumors about the second generation of a product with the first generation still months from release?!
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