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Apple solution will be opening the NFC API to developers. Even if they do, do you think Apple will allow other payment options like Google & Samsung Pay in their App Store? I don't see it happening.
Then open source it. Oh wait... you already filed for a patent!
He didn't. It was supposed to be release with the black iPhone 4. For weeks after launch they just said coming soon.
Don't forget the white iPhone 4. It shipped months later.
I gave up waiting on Apple to provide that solutions and to be honest I don't think they will ever do. They want you to buy/rent movies and TV shows from iTunes and I can understand that. Do what I did. I bought Synology 2-bay NAS (case only) and bought 2 HDDs and set them up as RAID 1. I use the Time Capsule for backup only with Time Machine (2 MacBooks) and the NAS for media and file storage. I only have Music in my iTunes library. I can access my files anywhere from any...
Yeah. Whoever wrote this article doesn't really understand what Plex is. It won't turn your Apple TV into a media server. It will just turn it into a media server client. You still need a machine (PC/Mac/NAS) with Plex server running in it.
That's not an option for people with laptops and large libraries. I have all my movies and TV shows stored in NAS. Now with Plex server installed on my NAS I can do what I was not able to do with Apple TV 3rd gen and that's playing my movies and TV shows without AirPlay from an iOS device.
There is no value in Tesla other that talent, most of which Apple is already snatching away. Building car factories is not difficult. Tesla already opened their designs & patents for everyone to use.
He doesn't understand what's happening. He is counting $14B in buyback plus $3B in dividends as expenses ($17B) taken from Apple's $11B profit.
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