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 No headphone jack. It controls music on your iPhone, which is why the watch REQUIRES an iPhone. I believe part two of the watch news will come close to release when they will announce the release date and new  BT/wireless headsets from Beats. EDIT: Looks like you can play music without iPhone. It has built-in speaker. So it looks like you can store music in the watch itself. This makes me think we will see different storage capacity.
 I think you need to download it from website. I may not show as an update on the device.
Suddenly everyone moved from techies to fashion experts. If you don't like the look that's your opinion. But mark my words.. Watch will do to smartwatches what the original iPhone did to smartphones.   I bet no one noticed that it is the only Apple product without always visible Apple logo.
 I really hope we see an update to the iPod touch. Maybe they will update it when they announce the new iPads next month (Let the iPad rumors begin!)
I am already running out of space with my three iPads and one iPhone. Will most likely upgrade to the 20GB plan.
 If I am not mistaken with iCloud photos and movies in your camera roll don't count toward your allowable data. With others it does.
 Probably because there is not enough space for the antennas.
 Write the answers backward (spelling and sentences).. be creative  
It amazes me how their video quality is so bad. Use the second iPhone to make the video instead of a flip phone camera you idiot!
Any one using AppViz 2 app having trouble downloading the reports today? Maybe it's tied to this update?!
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