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Yeah it makes a lot of sense for Apple to change its App Store policy just to satisfy handful of developers and then start case by case talks with tens of thousands of other developers to see if their business model is acceptable to the App Store new policy. /sMaybe they will be treated the same if Apple appraoch them and asked them to develop an Apple TV app. Just keep in mind that those same Apple TV content providers offering their subscriptions through iOS App Store...
You see.. Now you are placing arbitrary conditions on that reduced subscription cut Apple takes. Why would Spotify gets the reduced subscription rate and my app wouldn't? What if my subscription model is needed to maintain up to date compliance with specific external references. Why should it be applicable to content and not other types?It's a slippery slope and this is why the 30% cut will not change.Because there is no App Store for TV. These are agreements Apple made...
If Apple change their rates for subscription, and that's a big IF, I will be the first developer to switch my paid app to free with subscription to maximize my profit. How many other developers you think will do that as well?I never heard of that 15% you are talking about. What is your reference?
 Why would they do that?! There are no legal nor business reasons for Apple to change that rule.
You forgot the sarcasm tag.
Glad that this happened. If you are using a beta OS you have no right leaving reviews and complain about apps crashing. There is a reason Apple have a whole document called "Known Issues" right next to the beta download link.
Well in their first quarters ever the original iPhone sold 270k units while the iPad sold 3.27 million units. I am not sure about the number of weeks in those time periods though.   EDIT: Figured it out from Apple Fiscal Calendar. The iPad was launched April 3rd 2010 which means it had 12 weeks in Q3 2010. Average is 272k per week. Estimated 3 weeks of sale would be 816k for three weeks. 3.27 millions - 816k about 2.454 million Apple Watch.
Apple most likely contact these developers and ask them for if they want to participate.
When I bought the first iPhone people used to wonder "why do you need a web browser and apps on your phone?!" Now they all own iPhones.
I bought one for my son years back mainly for games and he still love it. He is still not old enough for an iPhone so maybe I will buy him this upgraded iPod touch soon. I knew many people who used to non-iPhones who bought the iPod touch then switched to the iPhone because they loved it.
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