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The developer on Twitter said whitelisting sites will also be an option in future update. So I guess three options (block all ads, all only ads that we think are acceptable, and allow ad on websites the user specify) is bad.
How allowing users to choose is selling out? Are you upset because the guy is making money from his product or are you upset that he allows users to choose what ads they want to block?Wasn't it few days ago that people here were saying they only block ads because if tracking and being intrusive and they wouldn't mind allowing ads if they weren't? Well this option gives you the choice. If the developer makes more money I am fine with it as long as it's an option.
You couldn't find it because the developer didn't implement it yet. So far Crystal blocks all ads. What AI is talking about here will be a feature that will be added in a future update. The developer has been answering questions all day about this on Twitter. I suggest you check it out. You've fallen a victim for AI anti-Adblock campaign.
Nice reporting on the subject AppleInsider¡ You failed to mention that the developer said that this will be a feature you can turn on/off like many Ad blockers on desktop. But I guess your agenda now is to make those ad blocker look like villains.
It will not work. They will just send more people to buy iPhones for them. In the US, the issue is not as bad as it used to be since Apple started releasing the iPhone in China and HK at the same time as the US.
China's government fingerprints are all over this.
Apple will refund 100% if the purchase price to customer. Apple will refund the 30% so the developer is not pay anything. I am saying this from personal experience as a developer.
Online publishers and their free with ads business model killed newspaper and magazine publishers. Now ad blocking is threatening your business model. By "you" I mean every one bitching about ad blockers. What goes around comes around.
The way iOS designed is that GPS/location based apps are not pulling your location one by one whenever they want. There is a single location service running in the background almost all the time (it is running whenever you see the location icon) and it updates apps that need your location. Your traffic app is not actually running for hours in background since they are limited to few minutes then put to suspension state. However, you can disable Background App Refresh in...
iOS betas are terrible at battery life and performance because they are compiled differently from the final build. 
New Posts  All Forums: