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Most of $17 billions Apple spent buying stock and on dividends are from money Apple got from issuing bonds not cash.
 Yes.. Because clearly Apple is having trouble finding developers who are welling to write apps for iOS. /s  That was with unoptimized Swift using beta version of Xcode. We are already at Swift v2. They updated the results to include optimized code. Look it up.  Well duh! The language was just released to the public last year. You can't expect it to hit all the performance marks compared to a languages that's been around for long time.
 Didn't you get the memo? Ridiculously expensive Half baked tablet merged with half baked notebook makes full baked innovations! /s
Based on their current naming convention (iOS, watchOS, and tvOS), I believe it will be macOS not OS XI.
You think Swift is about ease of development and not performance and efficiency? Did you read that somewhere and just repeating it without knowing how Swift works?
Welcome to AppleInsider where 17 replies on an Apple Support thread constitute an article about failed feature.
If the ring moves little then you might consider lowering your goal. If it never moves then you should take your watch to an Apple Store to get it checked out.
Movement (out ring) is your calories burn. What is your  daily calories burn target?
When I was in graduate school here in the US I, and other graduate students, used to be employed by the university half time (20 hours/week) but worked more than 40 hours without over time pay for years because we were on student visa. When your advisor tells you you need to stay in the lab until 1AM everyday then you have to or you will lose your job.
I hope this fix photos not syncing to the watch.
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