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The copyright law says it is NOT you content either.
The copyright law says it is NOT your music.
Damn man.. you still think this is an imaginary issue?!! This is a statement from Apple confirming this issue months ago:There was a problem and turning off iMessage before erasing the iPhone did not work for some people since this was a server side bug as well. This was a bug that Apple ignored for long time and just now took the necessary steps to fix it. Just because it didn't happen to you that it didn't exist.
What funny is Apple came out few months ago and admitted there were an iOS and server side bugs that caused the issue to persist for some even if they follow the procedure. I honestly don't have an issue with this lawsuit to proceed. Apple did mess up and for three years they did not care until this lawsuit earlier this year. Now we have a solution that should have been there when iMessage was released.
 This "Delist"  feature should have been there since iMessage launch. I mean no one at Apple asked themselves "What happens if someone didn't disable iMessage before erasing their iPhone and no longer have it?". The other issue was disabling iMessage before erasing did not always work (personal experience since I experience this bug). The other major issue was that Apple didn't have a solution for three years for anyone experiencing this issue.
Well.. It only took three years.. Right!
This should have been available long time ago.
It could also be trade-in type of transaction. Send us your gold Apple Watch and we will send you the new gold model for x amount of dollars. The thing is.. someone paying $5k for a watch will not have a problem paying another $5k for a new one a year later.
With Verizon or Sprint. Few weeks ago my local Sam's Club had iPhone 6/+ in stock but they only sell the 16GB iPhones.
 I use lots of math calculations in my apps and when I added support for 64-bit for one of them there were more than 200 warnings regarding the use of int (for integer variables). It is not difficult but not as simple as checking a box. Apple will not remove 32-bit apps after Feb 2015. They will not approve new apps or updates to existing apps after that date.
New Posts  All Forums: