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iOS betas are terrible at battery life and performance because they are compiled differently from the final build. 
I am starting to get 40 hours standby and 12 hours usage since I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9. Mow I can go almost two days in a single charge. My usage habits are the same as pre iOS 9. Thats without turning on Low Power Mode.
You are correct about the pixels. I was thinking about the iPad Pro.
It is not the same as the A8 on the iPhone since the RAM is 2GB instead of 1GB. The iPad mini CPU/GPU pushes half the number of pixels and the device is much smaller. It is more important to control heat and battery than get small performance increase.
This explains the 2GB increase in the binary size few months ago.
That's what I was told yesterday when I chatted with Apple representative about it. He told me iPhone Upgrade Program only available in store and what I need to do when preorder start is setup in store pickup to use that program.
I like how in iOS 9 the OS generates print previews when printing. So no need for me to create print preview in my app.
Really solid update to the iPhone. Their up to date program sounds interesting too.
and separate user accounts.
That would be great. I considered getting PS Vita TV for our second TV so my son can stream games from his PS4 when we are watching TV. But the price was high for just that use case.
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