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If I am not mistaken, when one book publishing CEO opened his mouth the same way a day before the first iPad event Steve Jobs removed their name from the Keynote presentation.  I am sure Tim will do the same with Sony.http://appleinsider.com/articles/10/01/28/ipad_ibooks_app_us_only_mcgraw_hill_absent_from_apple_event
Based on your logic Samsung can reveal Apple upcoming products because Apple is using Samsung components. It wasn't Sony's product/service and Sony's content is not the only one to be offered with this service. It was Apple's product and Apple is the one who should announce it.
These guys can't shut up. He had to say it. He couldn't wait 24 hours and let Apple announce their product.
How many will bet that if Apple did call their music service "Apple Music" Samsung will change theirs to "Samsung Music"?
They don't have the money nor resources to give their users more storage¡
It is shame that Apple is still offering 5GB per account for everything. That 5GB is from 2011!! I gave up on complaining about this. I have three iOS devices plus MBP and that damn "Running out of storage" warning keep showing up every day. I don't want to buy your storage Apple... I already have my own NAS.
 The percentage of users who opted-in is really small though. It says 19% of users who installed apps in the last 30 days opted-in. To be honest, I am more interested in the number of views and installs my app page gets.
Good luck
Release web app instead and stop whining if you think the App Store offer no value to your business model.
No it won't. It will come with the same remote and you will control it with iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Adding touchpad will not achieve anything other than making the thing more expensive.
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