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They were open about it and never tried to hide it. Did you use a security software without understanding what it does and does not?
I am seeing many stores in my area adding ApplePay support. If you are waiting for specific retailers first make sure that they are not on CurrentC.
You don't need to have internet service to access your 1Passwords using the iOS app. The data is stored locally and synced to reflect the latest changes when there is internet service. So unless you changed your Dropbox password the moment you lost your reception, you can still get your Dropbox password in that meeting with no cell service. Regardless of the situation, you should never make any file that contains your passwords (encrypted or not) available publicly.
Shouldn't the password reset link expire after short period of time making the link useless?
I have noticed this long time ago when I inspected the AgileKeychain files. You can only see the name of the item and the website address. This is why I have my 1Password vault in private Dropbox folder. I also have all my questions saved as passwords just in case. However, this is something they should address. If someone bought the latest version of the software then they should have the latest security feature and not be held back by legacy crap.
I guess me and Microsoft agree on one thing. Macs worth 50% more than PCs.
Windows killed my Dell laptop HDD years ago because of Sleep/Hibernate. It was bug that they fixed years after the OS release.
I thought his comments about Apple were strange. I thought he gave away Tesla patents so more electric cars can be built. I don't understand why he pissed about Apple building an electric car. The only thing that explain this is that Apple is really hurting Tesla by hiring their most talented engineers.
I was skeptic about Apple making a car but his reaction makes me 100% sure Apple is working on one.
It is ugly and functionally it is a disaster waiting to happen. It creates unsupported gap between the keyboard and screen that could cause damage to both if pressure if applied (like when in a carrying bag with books).
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