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It was mentioned in an article a while back that someone checked the license plate number and found it was  registered to Apple.
Glad Apple is moving forward with TestFlight. However, we are still waiting for iTunes Connect analytics Apple promised it will release with iOS 8.
My understanding for not being able to move CDMA phones between CDMA carriers is that the ESN is only registered with one carrier.
 Apple needs to make major improvements Siri if they want to market it as Apple Watch main feature. What I really wish for is Siri and Touch ID on Macs. PS. Look at the trolls getting desperate! The same thing happened when Apple announced the iPhone and iPad. Denial 
It's not about preventing you from flying in restricted airspace. It's about liability. If you hack your drone and caught flying it in restricted area then the "I didn't know" excuse is out the window.
So these are 4 million users of which one million didn't care about Twitter (didn't bother to recover their passwords) and three millions who were not using the service any way.
If they weren't sleeping for the last few years they may be in better position now. Maybe they have experience in watch hardware but they don't have the experience in software and with 3rd party developers. just forget about it Swatch.
Nice! Let's hope we see it released before WWDC 2015!
Everyone is getting ripped off some how. In the UK you are getting ripped off in paying for gas (patrol) and we in the US are getting ripped off paying for our cell phone services.
I really hope they are adding street views. The Maps Flyover feature is useless. They should have invested in street view instead.
New Posts  All Forums: