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Their Surface and Surface Book designs look awful! The Surface looks like a broken chair and what's with the Surface Book ridiculous hinge?! Steve Jobs was right.. MS has no taste.
It is the "throw everything against the wall and hope something will stick" approach.
As usual.. It takes Microsoft years to respond to competition. It took this poor MS executive three years to get Cooks joke.
That's weird.. I have been receiving app submission status updates for at least a year now. What's new here?
I noticed this yesterday with the same app. Tried Maps and the compass worked fine.
Then lucky for you they already have iOS app.
what ad blocker do you use on your desktop computer?
You don't want the option then turn it off. Not that difficult to do.
The developer on Twitter said whitelisting sites will also be an option in future update. So I guess three options (block all ads, all only ads that we think are acceptable, and allow ad on websites the user specify) is bad.
How allowing users to choose is selling out? Are you upset because the guy is making money from his product or are you upset that he allows users to choose what ads they want to block?Wasn't it few days ago that people here were saying they only block ads because if tracking and being intrusive and they wouldn't mind allowing ads if they weren't? Well this option gives you the choice. If the developer makes more money I am fine with it as long as it's an option.
New Posts  All Forums: