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 The percentage of users who opted-in is really small though. It says 19% of users who installed apps in the last 30 days opted-in. To be honest, I am more interested in the number of views and installs my app page gets.
Good luck
Release web app instead and stop whining if you think the App Store offer no value to your business model.
No it won't. It will come with the same remote and you will control it with iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Adding touchpad will not achieve anything other than making the thing more expensive.
It is not buried in iOS. When you upgraded to iOS 7/8 you were asked to give permission to share usage data with developers through Apple. It seems that the majority of iOS users are aware of this. In this new analytics tool Apple tells you how many of your users agreed to share their usage data for each app you have in the App Store. Mine says 44% of users agreed to share analytics. Other developers I know gave me numbers between 25% to 50%. So you are wrong. Most users...
We are just getting started with Swift.. so more Swift.Swift 2.0iOS 9OS X 10.11Native Watch apps I don't think we will see any new hardware.
Happy to see this feature finally making it.
 What delay?! App Store shows last update on April 2nd. They are not singling out DJI. Apple Developers website is showing 51% of iOS updates are being approved in five business days (new apps is at 36% by the way). This is clearly widespread issue. Beside, Apple offer each developer limited number of expedited reviews in case a developer needs to release critical update. I have tried it before and it took less than 48 hours. Maybe the should have done that. Without giving...
How about waiting until the end of day then call Apple instead of whining about it?
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