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 To say that these two (screenshots below) do the same is ridiculous. Many tried to explain to you that 1Password is not only password keeping utility. You can download the 30 days fully functional trial from their website and see for yourself. They are not trying to trick people into buying it.     
 No it doesn't.
This makes me wish Apple offer Mac and iOS app bundles when iOS 8 and Yosemite is released. There will be iOS app bundles though, which is good. On 1Password.. I love this app!!
This guy needs to take better pictures.. or at least post the native resolution ones.
 FAA is an agency under the US DOT.
Better deals on 15 rMBP (16GB, 1TB, 750M) please!! 
Yeah.. Good luck with that.
 You mean like deciding Apple was guilty before the trial even started?
 I couldn't get AirDrop to work between my iPad mini (latest iOS 8 beta) and 2011 MBP (latest OS X beta). So AirDrop most likely requires BT 4.0 LE as well. 
Well... That's it.. I am upgrading to new rMBP by Yosemite release. My 2011 MBP served me well for almost three years and went through RAM upgrade and HDD to SSD replacement. I have to do this upgrade if I want to use Handoff and enjoy the full force of Yosemite.
New Posts  All Forums: