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I am already running out of space with my three iPads and one iPhone. Will most likely upgrade to the 20GB plan.
 If I am not mistaken with iCloud photos and movies in your camera roll don't count toward your allowable data. With others it does.
 Probably because there is not enough space for the antennas.
 Write the answers backward (spelling and sentences).. be creative  
It amazes me how their video quality is so bad. Use the second iPhone to make the video instead of a flip phone camera you idiot!
Any one using AppViz 2 app having trouble downloading the reports today? Maybe it's tied to this update?!
 During WWDC they said this feature will come when iOS 8 is released.
TestFlight should make beta testing much more efficient. Trying to explain and troubleshoot the old process over email was ridiculous and never worked.
It's probably covering Thor's Hammer!
Someone tell MS to update Siri voice in their ads!
New Posts  All Forums: