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I am really looking forward for Battlefield 4 Commander mode on the iPad. However, I am skeptic about DICE ability to make good iOS app.
"That data is also discarded if a device is rebooted or has been left unused for more than 48 hours, at which point users will have to simply reenter their passcode."   I don't remember reading anywhere that the "data is also discarded". This paragraph make it sound like the finger print data will be deleted and you have to reprogram your finger prints to get the feature back. What Apple said was only the passcode will unlock the device if the device rebooted or haven't...
 There is nothing preventing third party apps from creating such app. In fact, I am sure there are plenty in the app store.
So "S" is for Security and "C" for Color.
 There is a good chance iOS 7 GM will be released to developers tomorrow and to the public when the new iPhone comes out. The last few years showed that the GM is the same build as the one released to the public.
 This is like saying OS X and iOS suck because they messed up MobileMe and iCloud before.
I like this. The fact that it streams PS4 games over WiFi and plays PS1 and Vita games is worth $95.
October is about right but OS 7 will be released this month with the new iPhones. We will get iOS 7 GM (with xcode GM) on Sept 10th and the general public will get it the day the new iPhone is release. Developers will also start submitting their apps using the GM. This is what happens every year.
So this won't happen in 300 years?!  
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