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The two major usability issues I have with the current Music app are lack of "Up Next" and the fact the I have to use the global AirPlay switch instead of an AirPlay button within the music app itself. The "Recently Added" being at the top is also good idea. Is there room for improvement.. you bet. But these were my major issues with the current one.
Finally!! This addresses most of the issues I have with the Music app. 
So should I delete iPhoto from my Mac now?!
I saw and tried many models today. They are all beautiful. The Sport is really light in weight. The SS looks and feel elegant. Going with the 42mm SS with black sport band then getting a leather band. My wife is getting the 42 SS as well even though she liked the modern buckle.. too bad it only fits the 38. The Apple Store employee told us there will be third party bands in the future and maybe something similar will be offered.
Don't worry the wealthy can afford the helicopter trip to Santa Monica Apple Store.
During WWDC Apple said in it will be released in 2014. Few months ago I made a bet with a friend that we will not see it before WWDC 2015, which is 60 days from now. Looks like I am winning this bet.
I am still waiting for the iTunes Connect Analytics they promised in WWDC last year.
 No. Apple and everyone should do the opposite. These States did that because they want people who don't share their beliefs to leave.
I find it amazing that you found a way to critize positive article about Tim Cook giving away all his money to charity. This tell us a lot about your lack character
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