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 Outside of better performance it is subjective. When I come home after work I grab my PS4 controller and I start playing almost immediately from my couch. For me this is "better" than sitting on my desk playing games on my Mac/PC.  I don't know where you are getting your information but the PS4 is not limited to 720p 30fps. Many PS4 games run at 1080p 60fps.
 Gaming PCs and consoles are two different things. Refer to melgross post.
 what do you mean by pathetic?  You mean less expensive.
My guess is this feature will require apps be built with ios 8 sdk or we will have black bars top and bottom due to different aspect ratios. This makes me dismiss the idea that the divider can be moved. Maybe this will work for built in apps only.
An iPhone is primarily a phone. It is designed as a phone and people buy it because they need a phone. This is different from an iPad. For me a PC term controlled mainly by hardware and function.
 I remember how hilarious it was when they said it is not a PC because you need a PC to activate an iPad. We kept telling them this can be solved with a software update.. then.. boom!! Apple updated the iOS to allow for PC free activation 
 It doesn't have MS Office.... oh wait!!
 Weird.. My iPad mirrors on my Apple TV connected TV/monitor without an issue. Oh.. and I can use my iPad as a second screen for my Macbook if I want to. There are equivalent apps available in the app store. They may not be as feature rich but they do the functions. There is no standard PC definition that says a PC must run x,y, and z software to be a PC.  Only 400GB?! I have complete access to my 2TB NAS from my iPad locally and over the internet.  Again, check the app...
 and what are these things?
Yes!! the old iPads are not PCs debate. It used to be that you need a PC to use an iPad so they are not PC. Then it was because you cannot develop for the iPad on the iPad. Now, since both of these issues are gone we need new reasons.. suggestions?!
New Posts  All Forums: