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The tunnels are most likely for MEP services since the Central Plant is at the far south west corner of the property.
It will be more useful if I can use it to refill my sons iTunes account using my iPhone camera. Something like this.. I open iTunes on my iPhone then tap a button to input the amount (authenticate using Touch ID) and open the camera to scan the passbook pass to transfer credit.
Thoughtlessly ganging up?! You asked for evidence and someone did provide you with one. That section you have posted was clear. I don't see any "weasel wording". My understanding of that text is similar to what Crowley posted.
Not a theory.. It's a fact. Check the link provided by Gatorguy.Thanks for saving me the time 😃
The $32 millions Apple paid were refunds. It didn't go to the government. It seems Amazon don't want to refund that much money.
I didn't get one. For some reason I am not getting few emails from Apple developer services. Maybe my email provider is sending them to junk.
One advice is to install beta software on test devices only. If you want to download your icloud photos then use Mac (iPhoto) or PC (some Adobe software).
 "OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 2" was released Jun 17th. I am logged in to my account and looking at it right now in Apple developers website.
**** this. I really liked my Dropcam.. Now it is going to eBay if not the trash.
Batman Mode™
New Posts  All Forums: