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It's probably covering Thor's Hammer!
Someone tell MS to update Siri voice in their ads!
I remember people hating the iPhone 4 look when it was leaked by Gizmodo. It didn't take long after the official announcement for them to say it is the best phone design.
This look gorgeous. I guess we know how it looks like. I am interested in what's inside now.
 There are also many Facebook pages by American christians calling people to pray for Obama's death. There are crazy people everywhere.
 I am a muslim and I used to live in the middle east during that time period. I only heard about this years later in the US. Seriously.. no one cares if a building is cube. This is just someone trying to get attention.
Just wait until MS intentionally keep Office for iPad version at least two years behind Office for Windows.
 I bought two MBPs and 2 MBA from MacMall over the years because they offered the lowest prices and they ship fast. The only issue I had with them is the telemarketing calls after the sale. I asked them to not call me unless it is something directly related to an order and they stopped calling. Now I am will be buying my MBP from someone else.. someone who does not collect taxes in my state   Maybe Adorama or B&H.
 It is because the only way to get iOS apps is through Apple App Store. There is no way to tie iOS App Store sale to Mac App Store or non Mac App Store sale.
 On iOS you have to use their built-in browser until iOS 8 is release. Apple will allow third party extensions with iOS 8, which should be released in few weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: