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It is not the same as the A8 on the iPhone since the RAM is 2GB instead of 1GB. The iPad mini CPU/GPU pushes half the number of pixels and the device is much smaller. It is more important to control heat and battery than get small performance increase.
This explains the 2GB increase in the binary size few months ago.
That's what I was told yesterday when I chatted with Apple representative about it. He told me iPhone Upgrade Program only available in store and what I need to do when preorder start is setup in store pickup to use that program.
I like how in iOS 9 the OS generates print previews when printing. So no need for me to create print preview in my app.
Really solid update to the iPhone. Their up to date program sounds interesting too.
and separate user accounts.
That would be great. I considered getting PS Vita TV for our second TV so my son can stream games from his PS4 when we are watching TV. But the price was high for just that use case.
Not all games are priced at $60. PSN and Xbox online stores offer many games for less than $20. They also give subscribers free games every month. The reason PS4 & Xbox One console cost that much is market size. In their first year both consoles sold less than 20 million units. Now compare that to the iPads more than 60 million units a year with minimum price of $500 and you get the picture.
That applies to telecom carriers and Apple is not one. Even if that applies to Apple by classifying them as telecom carrier, that same CALEA says (47 USC §1002(b)(3)):"A telecommunications carrier shall not be responsible for decrypting, or ensuring the government’s ability to decrypt, any communication encrypted by a subscriber or customer, unless the encryption was provided by the carrier and the carrier possesses the information necessary to decrypt the communication."
That's law enforcement ultimate goal but no one can force Apple and others to do that without the law they are trying to push.
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