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The most interesting feature is the 4 hour battery charge in 10 minutes.
I hope Viper comes out with an add on device to enable this feature.
Good estimate. I made the same analysis when Apple announced the watch and reached almost the same number. The only unknowns are cost of the leather strap and the sapphire glass since the sport Apple watch have different strap and glass. The leather might not be that expensive but any idea how much sapphire on other watches cost?
Looks like a watch you get with a Happy Meal!
So far iOS 8.2 and Xcode 6.2 are at beta 5. At the same time we have iOS 8.3 and Xcode 6.3 at beta 2. Work in progress. Good to see Apple testing the hell out of these before release.
Long time ago in a galaxy far far away I created an Apple ID with non Apple email. I used it to buy music then apps and finally developer account. Then I created MobileMe account and used that for syncing to my iPhone and now iCloud. So basically I have my old Apple ID for iTunes and iCloud ID for other stuff. I really want to migrate purchases from the old Apple ID to iCloud. Tired of having two of them on my iOS devices.
This is great! I hope they build more of these.
ARC was completed and implemented in 2011.
That's perfectly fine.. You only need to clear your weekend schedule to format, reinstall, and go around the web hunting for drivers.. Not a big deal ยก
It will have storage built in. It will store your fitness data. You can actually store music and photos on Apple Watch so you can access them without an iPhone. We don't know how big the storage is though.
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