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So this won't happen in 300 years?!  
  and then Samsung and their shills will say "this is the natural progression of technology".
This is the ugliest watch I have ever seen! I guess this is what happens when SamSung can't find someone (Apple) to copy from.
That's what I mean. However, you need parallels desktop 6 or above to upgrade to 8 or 9. http://kb.parallels.com/en/114623
I guess it's time to upgrade to Parallels 9 (on 7 now). Student license is $39 and it is the full version not an upgrade.
  Being logged in as an admin account by itself is still not enough. "In order to implement changes, an attacker must already be logged in to a Mac with administrator privileges and have run sudo at least once before".
So the attacker must have administrators access to access the Mac using this bug! Awesome.
My cable provider isn't included. Give us the option to subscribe to individual channels.
Looks fake. The pictures are from leaked articles.
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