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 I guess someone didn't get the joke 
If funding was an issue and Facebook really wanted to keep Oculus independent they could have funded them (directly or indirectly) not buy them out. Anyway,, I am waiting for The Matrix type VR.
 I wonder what his contract says about slacking off and not showing to work!
Damn.. who is not for sale? Seems no one wants to grow a business anymore.
About time! Now bring this to OS X. Hopefully Reflector App will be able to use it.
 Believe it or not.. I know people with iPhones that refuse to use iCloud for backup. They don't want their data stored on a server some where. Go figure.
"Samsung Galaxy... you never want it even if it's free!"%u2122
 My brother in law lives in UAE. The only way to call him using Skype/FaceTime is by going through VPN from his end. It is enforced.
The UAE... where VOIP services such as FaceTime, Skype, Viber.. etc are blocked by the government!
Let's hope Google never buy this startup as well.
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