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There was an article a while back about this. Apple cannot access iMessage because of the end to end encryption but they can access iCloud backup. These iCloud backup includes iMessages stored on the device when the backup happened.
 Exactly. I don't know why MacKeeper and everything from Genieo is not blacklisted by OS X by default.
I was thinking the same thing. They usually send these invitations a week in advance. I guess they expect leaks.
Ladies & gentlemen I introduce to you the new Ed Colligan.
I had similar problem with my iPhone 5S with the right half of the photo being blurry. I got it replaced at the Apple Store.
 I was going to say that the most likely company to be given similar treatment would be Microsoft. I did little research and this turned up http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=61145690 I am not sure is Microsoft Gulf FZ LLC is fully owned by Microsoft or not. I couldn't find more info about it. EDIT: It seems that they are operating under the Free Zone law (hence FZ in the name). So it is most likely fully owned by MS.
Ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you the new Samsung.
  Us AI regulars (well.. I used to be) always bitch and whine about the poor quality of recent posts and how trolls keep derailing threads. Joke or not that post will only result in unnecessary replied and discussion that have nothing to do with the subject in hand. It already resulted in two posts (not counting our interaction).
 MS is milking the shit out of Cortana feature. It supposed to mean something for those who played Halo.
Wow.. didn't take long.
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