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 This is an issue with Apple devices. I don't know why you drag Samsung into it. There is a separate discussion about that topic in the link you provided. Please.. stay on topic. And yes, this is a big issue related to Apple iOS and their messaging system.
I didn't mention that I did sign in to iCloud with my sons account because it is irrelevant. iCloud and iMessage sign in are in two different places. I've been using iPhones since the original and I am also a developer so it is not something I over looked. I spend time researching and it turned out to be a bug with iMessage. Apple support website is full with similar issues.
 Why? He is nine and using the apps I bought him. I don't want to restore just to go back and download 10GB of the same apps I deleted 30 seconds ago. Why is so difficult for you guys to understand that when you sign out of a service on your phone/PC/tablet the service should stop?! Apple messed up and they need to fix this. It is not a new problem. This was reported two years ago and they haven't done anything about it yet.
 Because as a user when you sign out of service on your phone you don't have to do all of these things to stop the service. I expect when I go to setting and sign out of iMessage then Apple should stop showing me as an iMessage user when people send me messages (refer to my previous post #28). It is that Simple.
 Not that simple. I gave my son my old iPad. I signed out from everything (FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud.. you name it). I didn't sign his Apple ID to anything. Then when I opened the iMessage app it showed my phone numbers and iCloud emails and want me to choose which one to use use for iMessage!! It didn't matter that I have signed out from iMessage in the settings. Go figure. There should be a setting in iCloud.com where you can remove your Apple ID from all iOS devices at...
 The thing is many developer are doing it already. They are removing their older version from the app store and releasing new app that supposed to be a major update to existing one. The thing is if you want to upgrade you have to pay full price. The trick is that developers cannot use the same name and once an app is removed users cannot update to the latest version. Other developers are coming with other ways to do it.
No one is that stupid. They will get banned from the App Store if caught. I also think Apple will impose a limit on the number of in app promo codes just like they've been doing with apps promo codes for years.
This good. But I really hope they let developers set a different price for customers who already bought previous version or another app from the same developer. In other word, upgrade price
 Why not? It worked and the legal repercussions for copying turned to be a joke.
 That doesn't mean people should not buy gaming consoles because PC offer better performance. It is like saying people should not buy Macs because PCs cost less for the same performance. Or Mac sales are pathetic because they are only 10% of global market.  In your post you said PS4 is limited to 720p 30fps.. Looks like the minimum in that list is 900p.
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