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This will be useful for people who need lots of beta testers.
Correct me if I am wrong but if Apple buy back more stock and Icahn holds, wouldn't that eventually make him the largest shareholder by far and give him more control over Apple?
The rumored event to announce the next iPhone is at the same time as last year's event.. Shocker!!
Mine worked when I FaceTime people in the US not people in other parts of the world. It rings but when they answered it shows "Connecting" then "Failed". I switched to Tango (video) and it was bad. Tonight most of the Islamic nations getting reading for Eid tomorrow so Apple and Tango servers are probably being hammered.
Facetime is still isn't working. Probably due to the millions of FaceTime calls going on right now because of Eid.
  They are wrong because they are GUESSES. Only Apple reports how many iPads they have sold. This top five list does not even include Amazon.
  Like he told SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN. Apple tells you which features supported. It is not a conspiracy. The link you posted got the info from the link the OP gave you.        
  Here is a useful chart showing which devices are supported by which iOS version (iPhone OS 1 to iOS 7):   http://iossupportmatrix.com
You should be able to control backup for each app you have installed. I have checked my iOS 6+ devices and they all show it. Here is Apple support document about how to do it:   http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4847
  I know that. I've been doing this since day one. However, the problem is with videos. They take much more space and they can only be moved (full quality) to a computer by USB.
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