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Flash has more holes than a sieve. They should just kill it.
   No rules were broken. Amazon has been doing it for long time.
It's a slippery slope to make exception for the 30% rule. Beside, these companies must see value in the App Store including the 30% fee because if they don't then they would have took Amazon approach or pulled their apps from the App Store in protest.
Why do you want his client names?
iTunes will not stream Beats 1 radio to AirPlay (from Mac). Everything else streams but once you start Beats 1 the AirPlay icon disappear. It works on iOS 8.4 though.
I never bothered with enabling TRIM on my MBP with Crucial M4 SSD since the drive comes with built in garbage collection.
Totally unnecessary.
Apple Music will upload your music library to iCloud as well so somehow it includes iTunes Match features. Tunes Match will stay for now.
I just changed my region from US to UK and all date formatted to dd/mm/yyyy (even in Notes) like they supposed to. Regional formats are supposed to be global iOS feature so the operating system will take care of this for each app.
iTunes Match will die slow and painful death.
New Posts  All Forums: