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  I don't think Music is backed up to iCloud (I am honestly not sure since I am using iTunes Match). Camera Roll is taking lots of space in the backup though. Photo Stream doesn't count toward your iCloud storage.   But yes. I have to move videos and photos from my sons iPod touch to my Mac to get it to backup (maintain less than 5GB backup).
  You can choose what to backup to iCloud. On your iOS device go to iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage -> Choose your device (the one your using now) then turn off the things you don't want to backup. You can also access your iCloud iWork documents on your Mac by going to the ~/Library/Mobile Documents/.   Yes, iCloud is limited and this can be a pain sometimes. However, limitations can be good for the average user. If you want something you have complete...
5GB backup storage needs to be reconsidered. It is just not enough if you have more than one device. I have one iPhone, one iPad mini, and 2 iPads and I already use 7GB. My sons iPod touch (32GB) is already over the 5GB and cannot backup without deleting things from the camera roll. It should be 5GB PER DEVICE.
Hopefully this means they are bring back bezeled and rounded corner UIButton in iOS 7 SDK. In iOS 7 SDK, Apple removed all the standard UIButton appearances we used in iOS 6 and replaced them with text. So if you want to create an actual button you have to create your own custom UIButton with custom appearance.
  Apple should remove these NC and CC lines after the user uses them for the first time.   I like it more but the rounded corners make them look weird when everything else is normal corner. They should just remove the rounded corners.
NICE.. Did they change the Certificate and profiles website UI?!
  Even this year Apple pushed iOS 7 beta OTA updates. OTA updates work until you start having problems and need to restore from Xcode or iTunes. This is meant for developers and the complete iOS restore package is needed for troubleshooting. You also need new Xcode beta to go with it.
  Yes we don't know 100% whether iOS 7 beta 4 was supposed to be released last Monday. But historically, Apple released their iOS betas every two weeks. The fact that Mavericks DP4 was released two weeks after DP3 confirm this pattern.   Mavericks was not affected because it uses the Mac App Store for distribution but with iOS they need to get the full iOS packages out for developers. The only way they've been doing that is by using the developers website and it's down.
Looks like we are in for long wait. I wonder if we have to regenerate all our provisioning profiles and certificates.
So.. No iOS beta 4 this Monday! It's good thing that Apple was honest about this.
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