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Jeez man. Why don't you get it?! "Some users" did turn it off before and that didn't work. Hence the need for server side fix. What part of "bug" you don't understand. The other part that Apple promised to fix is not yet fixed. It is most likely related to where iOS does not properly turn off/sign off of iMessage services before erasing the device. And don't tell me that turning off iMessage is obvious because it is not. Clearly iOS handles all other iCloud service without...
I gave up on explaining this issue to some people here. They clearly don't understand the problem. They still insist that it is the users fault even when Apple came out and said “We recently fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users, and we have an additional bug fix in a future software update."
 If I remember correctly Apple did patch older iOS versions in the past. I don't know why the article says "cannot be patched".
 It is not a switch you turn on and suddenly women will have equal rights. It takes time. How long it took to start treat african americans as human beings in America?!
This is good news. Apple marketing the Gulf is limited to 3rd party retailers and most of them are carriers and small shops.It is inevitable that women will drive in Saudi Arabia. Within King Abdullah University women are not required to wear head covering and are allowed to drive.King Abdullah University
 MS design is inspired by this: 
The problem in the Gulf region is there is no official Apple retail presence. Only third party retailers and they suck. In most Gult countries, foreign businesses need to have a citizen partner with 51% ownership to conduct business. You probably already know that. Like you said, Samsung is everywhere there mainly because they have authorize agents and they let them do whatever they want as long as they sell Samsung products.
 Nevermine.. I see that you were talking about iCloud.com (Find my iPhone).
 This is an issue with Apple devices. I don't know why you drag Samsung into it. There is a separate discussion about that topic in the link you provided. Please.. stay on topic. And yes, this is a big issue related to Apple iOS and their messaging system.
I didn't mention that I did sign in to iCloud with my sons account because it is irrelevant. iCloud and iMessage sign in are in two different places. I've been using iPhones since the original and I am also a developer so it is not something I over looked. I spend time researching and it turned out to be a bug with iMessage. Apple support website is full with similar issues.
New Posts  All Forums: