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 That table is from 2009. I was giving him an example of what the price matrix looks like. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I personally get access to the latest prices since I am a developers but you can google it and find it online some where.
Developers can choose from Tier pricing. Each tier sets the app price globally. Developers cannot set different tiers for different countries. This is why Apple some times raise or lower prices for each individual country to account for currency exchange changes.Here is the tier matrix. EDIT: This matrix is from 2009 and the prices in that table have changes several times.
Love those analysts. When Apple announced the 9 million iPhone numbers they jumped to say large percentage (30% if I am not mistaken) of those are iPhone 5C. Now they say they are not selling well.   Anyway, I am seeing more and more iPhone 5C on our university campus. The thing about them is you can instantly tell that they are the 5C.
 So you have iCloud keychain syncing between you Mac running Mountain Lion and iOS 7 devices right now? Anyways, 1Password is more than just place to save your passwords.
 Yep. The one that don't exist yet and can't use it until it is turned back on. So yep.. I have been using 1Password for years now and will keep using it (across Apple things and more).
 What password system? Do you mean iCloud Keychain syncing? it was removed from iOS 7 public release.
All we need now is from Apple to release an API that allow us to unlock 1Password (and other apps with passwords) using Touch ID. I love 1Password but I hate typing my LONG password every I need to use it.
This site will tell you iPhone availability (it pulls the data from Apple.com) and can send you an email if the iPhone you want becomes available near you. I have been following this for a while. It seems Apple send their stores big shipments of iPhones on Mondays and small shipments Fridays.
Not everyone lives in a house. Large percentage of people live in apartments. I live in an apartment and have only laptops that we take to work. Having a local storage INSIDE the apartment is useless since if someone break in he will steal that storage device as well. I needed something that just work. Like I said before, this is an option for people who don't want to maintain their own server and want something that works out of the box.But seriously?! You think easy to...
I bought their previous dropcam mainly because of the ability to save on the cloud. There are plenty of other cameras that record to your server. Furthermore, DVR feature is $10/month for one week of recording. For home security this is more than what most people need. The $30 per month is for a month worth or DVR recording. Both allows you to save clips locally or on their server.There are many other cameras and dropcam is another option.
New Posts  All Forums: