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I know they are using this format in the US but I doubt they are using it in other countries that use different date format.
The article you linked says Android users will get three months free trial and the free tier under the first image. From the article: 
Before this announcement people thought Apple is big greedy company trying to use its power to squeeze the little poor artists. You cannot satisfy everyone. Like I said, it is win-win for everyone. Customers still get three months trail. Apple gets bigger collection. The artists get paid for their work. Why is this s bad thing?!
People here always complain that Apple should spend their money on something useful on the long term. This seems to be the best investment right now. Do you prefer Apple give this money to shareholders instead?If they can afford it and it is a good long term investment then why not spend the money. Beside this is actually short term spending for long term gain. Sounds like good deal to me.
Maybe. We know nothing about what Apple was telling artists and vice versa. For all we know that they are still negotiating. I personally think this is an excellent move since customers still get 3 months free trial and the artists are happy. Beside, Apple can afford this.
It is not about having guts. Apple Music need the artists for people to subscribe to the service. It is that simple.
 MS will release it but no one outside geeks will buy it.
I am canceling my SirriusXM for the two cars I own as soon as  Music is released. I already cancelled my iTunes Match since I have 64GB IPhone now.
It is on https://developer.apple.com/xcode/ but it will not be activated until Xcode 7 is out of beta. 
Before Xcode 7 (now in beta) you needed a paid developer account to install apps on your device. With Xcode 7 anyone with an Apple ID can develop AND INSTALL apps on their own device (no need to enroll in paid iOS developer program). Note: You still need a developer account to test on a device using the Xcode 7 beta.
New Posts  All Forums: