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Let's hope Google never buy this startup as well.
 In other parts of the world cell phones are allowed in schools. Beside, this company is Canadian. It seems to require Bluetooth 4.0 device so new iPads and iPod touches should work and as far as I know they are not banned from schools.
The additional storage is only accessible from their own apps now. iOS never sees it. I bet Mophie will add API for third party to access this storage though.
Microsoft's identity problem.. just like Blackberry. They don't know if they want to be for business or consumers! Notice how they have Netflix and Halo app with the word Business in the same ad. 
 We were told when the first iPhone hit Japan years ago that it will big failure!! Talking about Japanese products.. It is interesting that the Playstation 4 will not be available in Japan until February 2014 while it will be released in US and Europe this month. If I was in Japan I would be pissed.
I bought ML Server a year ago. I thought it was supposed to be updated to Mavericks but it is not. Seems like you have to buy it again if you upgrade to Mavericks. Lots of one star review in the Mac App Store.
     I am in the same boat. Retail iWork no update. iLife updates showed up though. I might call Apple support this week when I have time. EDIT: The updates finally showed up in Mac App Store.
 It is better to cannibalize your own products that someone else cannibalizing them for you. I like what Apple did here. If you look at their Macs and iOS devices you will see that now there is a price point for everyone.
 Seriously? You didn't get his post?! Take a deep breath and read it again.
 Retina display. I guess the reason the iPad 2 still dominate is because it is being sold for more than 2 years now. I still use my 3rd generation iPad and my son uses my iPad 2. I didn't upgrade to the 4th generation iPad though because the specs bump was not that important to me.
New Posts  All Forums: