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When I bought the first iPhone people used to wonder "why do you need a web browser and apps on your phone?!" Now they all own iPhones.
I bought one for my son years back mainly for games and he still love it. He is still not old enough for an iPhone so maybe I will buy him this upgraded iPod touch soon. I knew many people who used to non-iPhones who bought the iPod touch then switched to the iPhone because they loved it.
Where do you think Hezbolla and Asad regime are located?!
Remind me again who armed & trained Al-Qaida & Taliban in the first place? Oh yes.. The U.S. did so they can fight the Russians.
You're a fool if you believe Iran will touch Israel or America. It's all propaganda to serve their agenda in maintaining control over Syria and Lebanon. They have their eyes set on the rich gulf countries.
I expect this to happen often then
You still can't stream Beats 1 Radio to Airplay speakers from iTunes (OS X) 
Flash has more holes than a sieve. They should just kill it.
   No rules were broken. Amazon has been doing it for long time.
It's a slippery slope to make exception for the 30% rule. Beside, these companies must see value in the App Store including the 30% fee because if they don't then they would have took Amazon approach or pulled their apps from the App Store in protest.
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