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Great!! But no thank you. The last thing I want is Google software enabling remote connection to my Mac.
 Majority of Muslims are not fundamentalists. Regarding your questions I can tell that you read these things somewhere and didn't even bother to research them. The penalty for apostasy is not specified in the Quran. In extreme circumstances the punishment can be death since it is considered treason. The adultery punishment applied to men AND women by the way. Where the hell did you read in the Quran that Jews are "sub-human"?! And where in the Quran did you read that...
I am a Muslim raised and went to school in the Middle East. We were never ever taught that the Quran says we should go around killing people (Muslim or non-muslim). You might have read the words but you didn't understand the context or the situation in which these words were said.By the way, these scums are killing more Muslims than non-Muslims everyday.
I am not sure you want all of these devices connected to your wifi. you TC and AirPort Extreme have limit of 50 connected devices and with all these things you might actually reach that limit.
I know Verizon allow you do to that. You can change your plan any time. They even let you choose to automatically switch the plan now or when your next cycle start. I usually do it from the app or website when going on vacations.
The App Store and iTunes all use iTunes Connect to manage media and apps.When I tried to log in Friday it said I can't log in until the 28th. I was able to log in to iTunes Connect Sunday (28th) morning Pacific time. They do that every year.
They (music studios) didn't want Apple to have monopoly over digital music distribution. I still remember when they first went to Amazon and allowed Amazon to sell DRM free music (from most studios). Then few days later Apple started selling DRM free music. It is the same situation with Ebooks except Apple didn't go crying to the DOJ like Amazon did. In both cases the actions caused increase in price to consumers.
This actually in Apple's favor. If this was dismissed then they will re-file and it will cost Apple more time and money. The case as it stands now is weak and will be done in a week.
That's actually normal for a Gym this big. My alma mater renovated the university gym for $23 millions back in 2004 from donations.
You mean they didn't have a picture of their iPod with their name watermarked as a proof?!
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