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If you think this is about using "celebrity" then you were not paying attention.
It didn't take him long, did it? 
"Intel Inside™"
It's only bad when Apple is doing it.
I thought about that and did research. Without a box and accessories similar iPhones are being sold for $330 max. So $270 plus tax minus eBay/paypal fee and I will be paying out of pocket. Even on Craigslist I won't get more than that. I'd rather sell it than taking a risk on a return that might not happen.
I have 32GB unlocked Black iPhone 5s stuck in DFU mode. Apple couldn't fix it but offered to replace it for $270. I don't want a replacement. Looking to sell it. Any ideas other than eBay?
Stainless Steel with black sport band for day to day use. I will get a leather band for certain occasions but still deciding though.
Two watches already marked as favorites. Steel 42 with black sport band for me and 38 with soft pink band for the wife. I will get a leather band later.
Same here. When my Baume & Mercier watch leather band broke I was shocked when I knew how much it was ($250). I guess it is what I get for buying ~$1800 for a watch.
Oh how fast people forget.. Did you forget that people said the iPad wasn't standalone because when it was released because it needed a PC or Mac to set it up and sync?! Back then many argued that it wasn't a standalone device.
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