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You don't have to wonder. Check out Apple.com
All the information you need are on their website including detailed price based on watch and band.
 That was specifc for Pay usage. Since the watch does not have Touch ID it needs to be authorized for Pay every time it is put on the wrist. How this will work exactly is not known yet. It could be a PIN or simply using NFC on the iPhone and Watch.  It seems to receive notification you need to have the paired iPhone within Bluetooth range. So without taking the iPhone with them (or following you where you go) they cannot intercept your messages by just strapping it onto...
Now we will have Watch battery complaints 
Where did you read "re-authorize"? It simply says it will only receives notifications when you wear it. So yes, you can grab it off the charger as you rush to a meeting.
The gold watch will be hot with rich people. How long do you think before we start seeing gold plated Watch being sold by scammer as solid gold? PS. The Watch stalker is not here yet! Weird!
I don't think it will be complicated. They will probably have iPhones with Watches next to them. You can probably send texts and notifications between device in the store like they do with FaceTime. 
I thought the same thing. If the price difference is big between the Watch and Sport then I might just go with the Sport.
If a lawsuit takes then years to reach a final verdict and the fines are pocket change then yes.. Just Copy™ seems to be effective strategy for Samsung and others.
If your sales are falling you have to go back to what made them rise in the first place. In Samsung case copying Apple. The surprise will be Xioami giving then a taste of their own medicine by copying Samsung like you said. Karma.
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