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I wonder how things go during Samsung meetings.. "Hey, let's copy that Apple ".
Ok.. why these profiles are not password protected against delete? Were they password protected and the students circumvented this security measure?
Inside the message, swipe to the left and hold. The time stamp will show from the right edge next to each text received and sent.
 Verizon SIM cards started with iPhone 5 (the 4s used SIM for roaming only I believe). When I got my Verizon iPhone 5 replaced few months ago at an Apple store the employee told me that Sprint iPhone 5 requires them to call Sprint to activate it but with Verizon you can just swap SIM cards. I wonder it buying an Verizon iPhone 5S at full price (off contract) requires new SIM and activation fee. Can you just move the old SIM from the old iPhone 5 to the new iPhone 5s?
 The GM and final release are the same build. However, the iPhone 5s and 5c will most likely have different build.  The badge usually takes a while to show up. In the past, I remember it showing up only when I connect my phone overnight.
When I first installed ios 7 all my iOS devices the first thing I got after the setup was an alert saying how to get to spotlight. You probably just hit OK without reading it.
It is good that they are releasing iOS 7 days before the new iPhones. But I really think Apple should have released iTunes yesterday instead of releasing everything today.
I am really looking forward for Battlefield 4 Commander mode on the iPad. However, I am skeptic about DICE ability to make good iOS app.
"That data is also discarded if a device is rebooted or has been left unused for more than 48 hours, at which point users will have to simply reenter their passcode."   I don't remember reading anywhere that the "data is also discarded". This paragraph make it sound like the finger print data will be deleted and you have to reprogram your finger prints to get the feature back. What Apple said was only the passcode will unlock the device if the device rebooted or haven't...
 There is nothing preventing third party apps from creating such app. In fact, I am sure there are plenty in the app store.
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