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Sweet! This should make the stock more affordable and hopefully increase in price
Will require 1.2GB of free space to install.. I guess my next iPhone will be at least the 32GB version!
From: One Company CEO To: Another Company CEO CC: Some Executives Subject: FW: Something Illegal Hey, we are meeting to agree on this illegal activity. In our last meeting and phones calls we agreed on these illegal things.... So let not talk about this illegal activity by email. We don't want to create a paper trail. Sincerely, CEO Can it even get more stupid than this?
There are already compatibility issues between Office for Windows and Mac. I can only imagine the nightmare of compatibility issues we will see on Office for iPad.   I have been using Keynote on my Mac and iPad to create lecture presentations. Works great even when I do presentations on the classrooms PC using Chrome web browser.   Thank you MS but I am sticking with iWork.   PS. Next time MS don't wait years. You have wasted valuable time and people already moved on.
 I guess someone didn't get the joke 
If funding was an issue and Facebook really wanted to keep Oculus independent they could have funded them (directly or indirectly) not buy them out. Anyway,, I am waiting for The Matrix type VR.
 I wonder what his contract says about slacking off and not showing to work!
Damn.. who is not for sale? Seems no one wants to grow a business anymore.
About time! Now bring this to OS X. Hopefully Reflector App will be able to use it.
 Believe it or not.. I know people with iPhones that refuse to use iCloud for backup. They don't want their data stored on a server some where. Go figure.
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