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Annnnnnnd...It's Bricked. Thanks a lot, Apple. Now I have to go dig out a microUSB cable (Which as an Apple user I don't have a lot of) to try and fix the damn thing.   Edit: Nope. Still busted. Well this is just GREAT.
I have a Pebble pre-order (though it's a white one, so at this rate it could be 3013 by the time I get it), but if Sony introduces a similarly priced or cheaper option that also supports iOS (Their current watch doesn't), I'll take a look. In fact, I look into all the smart watches I hear about. The Pebble is so far the only one that does all the things I'd want at a reasonable price
Google can preach till they're blue in the face about being "pro-consumer", but when it comes down it all they are is "pro-ideologues". Consumers care about results - the products, the services, the output. They care precious little about the how or the why, with few exceptions.   And even if Google is being pro-consumer, and if you define that as "making stuff as cheap as possible" then maybe they are, it still doesn't excuse the fact that their entire business...
I was suffering this issue with my iPad (2012) Wi-Fi Only and it was frustrating beyond belief since it kept me from using the three things I updated to get at (Siri, Apple Maps, Facebook Integration). However, a little while later it stopped having the prompt come up and connects properly now.
I wholly disagree. Facebook integration may not be something you want, but I have beeb clamouring for a Social-aware OS for years, and I'm delighted Apple is making the best OSes (iOS and OS X) fit the bill by baking in the most important social services (Twitter and Facebook). There are any number of advantages gained through this integration, there is nothing questionable about it.
Plenty has been said about most of my criticisms of this pathetic ad by others in this thread, so I will just add this new bit:   Normal people, under normal circumstances, do not and will not use NFC to share songs like Samsung loves to say they can. It's not a thing. The Galaxy S3 is what happens when you let engineers design the phone and its features instead of just engineering it. Geeky and out of touch with the real world (See also: Google+). The iPhone 5 is...
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, essentially. For the reasons mentioned above (Synergies, control etc.). Also, the value of a company is increased by interest in buying it (Demand dictates price) so a premium has to be offered to account for that increase too.
Wall Street Journal says New York Times is one year behind on this story, and it's not happening.   Which is what I thought as soon as I read he headline.
I don't see Apple making a wearable computer. Too geeky.
Yes, because anyone saying anything positive about a Microsoft product is clearly a troll. Never mind the fact the point overall was that Microsoft has a good product and I expect it to fail anyway because it won't appeal to...People who prefer Microsoft products. Never mind the fact I'm writing this on a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion and there's an iPhone 4 next to it and an iPad just behind me, both mine. I said something positive about Microsoft's products so I'm...
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