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It's an interesting play, but I don't think Tidal has the clout to pull it off, even with the big name artists they have backing it. They're up against Spotify and, soon, iTunes. Spotify has the first mover (practically, if not literally) advantage, while Apple comes in with an entrenched user base already - if they stick their own subscription service into the iOS Music App and iTunes for Mac & PC, they're off and running. Tidal has to get people to switch. And some will,...
Why are these guys still building hardware? They'd get on a lot better if they'd kill the hardware outright and switch to software and services. The reduction in costs alone would be a boon.
Take note of this folks, one day they'll be teaching this in every business and marketing course in the world as one of the most colossal and easily avoidable blunders of all time and we'll all be able to say "I was there when MCX literally told consumers they were too stupid to figure out how to pay for goods themselves".   Which leads me to my next point. The perfect anti-MCX rallying cry. It's this:     Get someone to replace the cash with a smartphone and boom,...
Christ, who the hell pissed in your Cheerios? If you don't care, there's the door.
You can set the priority yourself, it's customisable. Under Settings>General>Spotlight Search you can re-order the categories however you wish as well as disabling any you don't want. And I'm pretty sure web results are at the bottom by default, so it's only Spotlight Suggestions which outrank local results.
Location Services ARE opt-in. They are enabled during device set up. Making Spotlight Suggestions and web search opt in would just be tedious.This story is going to be hilarious to watch. Apple has already slapped it down, but I bet it gets through the tech blogosphere anyway and we get to watch as people who constantly extol the virtues of Google Now pervasively monitoring and predicting your every move bemoan Apple's "spying". Watching these people contort themselves...
I love how Samsung slavishly copying the trade dress and iconic elements of the iPhone designs as well as their interface and graphical elements is merely "using irreducibly obvious design elements", but Apple making a phone with a larger screen is somehow copying Samsung's "innovation"
Thanks for outlining the procedure from Apple's side. Have my appointment booked for Saturday, good to know that even if there's complications I won't be without a phone for more than an hour or so.
Annnnnnnd...It's Bricked. Thanks a lot, Apple. Now I have to go dig out a microUSB cable (Which as an Apple user I don't have a lot of) to try and fix the damn thing.   Edit: Nope. Still busted. Well this is just GREAT.
I have a Pebble pre-order (though it's a white one, so at this rate it could be 3013 by the time I get it), but if Sony introduces a similarly priced or cheaper option that also supports iOS (Their current watch doesn't), I'll take a look. In fact, I look into all the smart watches I hear about. The Pebble is so far the only one that does all the things I'd want at a reasonable price
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