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I think you actually missed the point a bit. You ignored the part about "goalposts moving". The joke was that people were trying to dismiss or diminish Taylor's decision to allow 1989 onto Apple Music by inventing ever more preposterous reasons why it's no big deal:And so on and so on. That has been the flow of the thread. Every time someone has tried to dismiss this, someone else has pointed out that their basis for dismissing it is faulty. Then immediately a new faulty...
Don't be ridiculous. This is about an Apple promotional move. There was no justification, financial or otherwise, for them not paying for it. It was their idea to promote their service. It's not about giving the other side what they want because you can afford to, it's about having the financial clout to not piss your partners off for no reason.
I understood Apple's argument that the free trial was there to get people in the door so maybe the benefits would be felt later. My disagreement with them is that while they are free to make that loss-leader decision for themselves, it should be up to the rights holders if they want to partake in loss-leading too. Clearly, many did not. As such, it is only sensible that Apple foot the bill. They can afford it and they're playing the long game anyway. Taylor Swift is the...
Has it escaped their attention that if the major labels were colluding with Apple to weaken or coerce Spotify, they'd essentially be attempting to weaken or coerce...Themselves? They're Spotify shareholders
For those of you who are wondering why someone from the labels would consider Apple Music a potential threat: the major labels have money in Spotify. Last I checked they collectively owned about 15 or 16 % of the company. This is less about them being concerned about the model and more about them being concerned Apple will grab a big bite out of the pie again. Apple saved the music industry last time, but the labels KNEW they should have been able to do it themselves and...
Taylor's catalogue is included. She objects to the Free tier, not to streaming per se. Several Taylor Swift tracks were visible among the Apple Music library.The Beatles are likely to be missing though.
Please stop calling it wireless. It is, at best, contactless.
The iPod nano could do with a refresh as well. Only really needs a capacity bump and a software refresh, primarily to update the user interface design to match the minimalist iOS7+ aesthetic, though
After looking into why I didn't get this, the article implies it went out to everyone with the 2 week window from the 24th. It actually only seems to have gone to those who have yet to be charged and whose orders still say "Processing". Mine has been charged and moved to Preparing for Dispatch, hence no email.
I predicted Taylor Swift would likely make Apple's service her Most Favoured Nation back when we were talking about Tidal's launch and exclusives deals, so seeing this report doesn't surprise me. The iTunes tie-up on 1989 went very well.
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