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Please stop calling it wireless. It is, at best, contactless.
The iPod nano could do with a refresh as well. Only really needs a capacity bump and a software refresh, primarily to update the user interface design to match the minimalist iOS7+ aesthetic, though
After looking into why I didn't get this, the article implies it went out to everyone with the 2 week window from the 24th. It actually only seems to have gone to those who have yet to be charged and whose orders still say "Processing". Mine has been charged and moved to Preparing for Dispatch, hence no email.
I predicted Taylor Swift would likely make Apple's service her Most Favoured Nation back when we were talking about Tidal's launch and exclusives deals, so seeing this report doesn't surprise me. The iTunes tie-up on 1989 went very well.
Good god the Moto 360 is ugly. Why does the band attach at the base? Why would you do that? Why is it just a circle with a lump in it? Had they ever actually SEEN a watch or did they just ask a drunk person to describe one over the phone?
Because who cares? Haters are going to hate. It's what they do. People who are upset or angry, regardless of how justified, are always more vocal than people who are satisfied. Everyone's piping up now because we're happy - we got our orders in. We don't need to sit around explaining to people who are determined to disagree why we think they're wrong. Because who cares? Let them be with their misery, and we can go off and enjoy our decisions.
A reasonable compromise would be to make the extra channels available as add-ons at attractively low prices. The price difference can be higher than if they were bundled in, but seem cheaper because the core price is the headline consideration.
If you purchase it separately, yes.
It's an interesting play, but I don't think Tidal has the clout to pull it off, even with the big name artists they have backing it. They're up against Spotify and, soon, iTunes. Spotify has the first mover (practically, if not literally) advantage, while Apple comes in with an entrenched user base already - if they stick their own subscription service into the iOS Music App and iTunes for Mac & PC, they're off and running. Tidal has to get people to switch. And some will,...
Why are these guys still building hardware? They'd get on a lot better if they'd kill the hardware outright and switch to software and services. The reduction in costs alone would be a boon.
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