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75TB does seem like an awful lot of data. That said, if your available storage was unlimited it wouldn't be a lot at all. How big were the plans anyway?   Unlimited?   ...I'm sorry, but what were Microsoft expecting exactly? Their users weren't doing anything unreasonable, they were using the product within the expressed terms. This is a complete unforced error on Microsoft's part. They are shooting themselves in the foot because they decided to take hold of a loaded...
Oh piss off. Read the Patch Notes.
 Don't agree about Apple having a problem with it, they're not doing anything to keep competing services off their platform - in fact, they're heavily promoting Netflix and (in the UK) NowTV as key selling points of the new Apple TV. It's all on Amazon. They are free to make an App, as they have for iOS, and make it available to their users. If no such App is forthcoming on tvOS it's entirely Amazon's doing.
What? Downloading a Day 1 patch for brand new hardware is pretty common. The Xbox One was basically non-functional without installing a Day 1 patch. The Wii U was severely crippled without installing a Day 1 patch.  But that aside, the hardware has not shipped yet. Orders don't open till Monday and will ship "later [that] week".
If you plan on playing a lot of games, or waiting a long time to upgrade again, consider the 64GB. Otherwise, the 32GB is probably fine.
No sign of international pricing yet, which is a bit annoying. I'm planning to order one next week, but it'd be nice to know what the prices were ahead of time to choose between the 32 and the 64.   Based on iPods, I'm guessing £129/£159.   I think I'll probably go with the 32GB anyway though. I'm not planning on installing many games, so I don't know that I'll have much use for the extra space. I can't imagine too many streaming video Apps will hit the 200MB mark, few...
It has at least one other purpose: reducing storage space requirements. Not everything is entirely sinister, you know.
A poster in this Thread who has one received an email saying it's not working, with only a very vague timeline on it being fixed - it references an "upcoming update", but gives no indication when this will arrive, in contrast to a fix for certain Steam Controller issues which they peg as being "weeks" away. You might well think it's "likely" it will be fixed by the time the hardware is available widely, but there is no guarantee of any such thing, since the public launch...
The Steam Page for In-Home Streaming disagrees: "Log into Steam on your Windows* PC" That asterisk leads to: "*SteamOS, Linux, and Mac OS X stream hosting coming soon."
Are you sure? Ars Technica appears to be under the impression only PCs are supported right now
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