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I use MSN messenger almost everyday, and recently i must have changed a setting by mistake. Normally, when you select the box to enter text into, you can type away sending messages one after another, with the text box remaining selected. However, something has now changed which means that after everything i say, i now have to click back into the box to continue typing. Can anyone resolve my issue? Im running 7.0.1 if that helps. Cheers, Giles.
I highly doubt this as the MBP is Apple's 'powerhouse' laptop, and it would be shooting itself in the foot without an optical drive. I think that it will be quite a few more years before we see the removal of optical drives across the line on the laptops.
Ok, thanks for the help guys, i'l give apple a ring on monday.
Ok thanks, il give my friends charger a go when i next see him. I don't think changing the logic board will be worth it, ive got a 2ghz core duo and a replacement logic baord from ifixit is $600. Any other possibilites of the failure other than the logic board?
I had to buy a charger recently because my old one fell apart. I don't think its the charger because I can run it off the charger, and it recognizes that the charger is connected.
My original battery started loosing capacity until it reached 0% and stayed there. I thought it was a dud battery so i ordered a new one. I have just put it in and it is not charging either. It has 55% charge at the moment and its sitting there. I can run the laptop on the battery but when i put the charger back in it doesn't charge. Does anyone know whats wrong and how much it will cost to fix because my macbook is out of warranty. Thanks, Giles.
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