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I'm not on Twit or Farcebook but no doubt the temptation will be too great. At least we are seeing integration in OS's these days.
iPad mIni is an event all in itself. Not going to happen this year. Not enough leakage. Sounds like Gruber and co are changing their iTunes.
iPhone 4 and iPad 2 banned eh, just as well they have the iPad3 and upcoming iP5 What a load of bollocks. Let the consumer decide. Lawyers are happy though.
If this is the new iPhone design then I can't help feeling somewhat underwhelmed by it. Reports of future Apple products on these sites have been uncannily accurate of late come official launch date. However, an iPad mini announcement would go someway to remedying my disappointment.
No big deal, mobile version much better anyway. Just need yourpron app and were sorted :-)
My missus prized my iPad 2 out of my fingers when my 3 first arrived and i had to use it on Saturday night when the 3's battery went flat. I thought my glasses had steamed up lol   When comparing models you tend to think the retina is a luxury you perhaps don't need. A bit like when my first gen iPad arrived i thought do i really need this. Now i just can't use the 2 at all. The retina display is just that good.
Definitely agree with you there. A change in the design would be great and they've had plenty of time to think about it. Let's wait and see.
Whilst I think the 4 & 4S designs are amazing, Apple should drop them and lean towards something more practical for everyday use. The first thing I thought when I unboxed my 4 was, wow what a beautiful phone, this will cost me a fortune if I drop it. How many iPhone 4 & 4S users now have that beautiful design hidden away in some cheap and nasty case? Far too fragile for everyday use. Time to move on.
Not fussed about the new ads. Somebody's been thinking too much, instead of differently.
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