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When Apple buys out the USGovt, that's what they'll rebrand it to. 
#suddenoutbreakofcommonsense Seriously people, maybe the quant wizkids at Wall St. have figured out that Apple isn't going away (i.e., constantly beleaguered). Or ... (color me conspiracy-minded) hedge funds are buying AAPL and will throw them under the bus again when they need to sell it.
Shipped != Sold. Also not androids are play-store enabled. Finally, profit share >> market share.
Google still has no answer to TouchID.   Face-unlock, proximity unlock, device-paired unlock are all technically insecure and full of weird exception cases compared to fingerprint-based ID.   Perhaps Samsung might get closer with their recent fingerprint company acquisition, but Google's ecosystem can't compete with Apple's HW integration here.   And Samsung's integration will likely run into issues - a coworker told me his new snazzy fingerprint reader on his Galaxy S5...
 What OSX version and hardware spec?  I want to know just for my selfish purposes before I try out this App.
Ha, Fail upwards, maybe just like "Dubya" the CEO can run for US president next? 2016 just might get more interesting!
TouchID seems amazing to me. Elegant, technically tight/secure, and seemingly uncopyable. Defintely something that highly leverages Apple's strengths (iOS sandboxed security model, App Store only binaries, secure element on chip... I am of the understanding that TouchID may simply not even be possible for other vendors, and may not even make sense for Apple on the Mac (walled garden app-store only devices aren't as appealing for the desktop due to all the legacy/external...
I bought one last year, essentially for $9 ($35 with 3 months of Netflix free). It remains unused in the packaging sitting pretty with my iPhone and iPod boxes - collecting dust. The execution is pretty neat, but it's frustrating how Chrome-whatever devices seem to lack basics - you think the AppleTV is barebones (compared to a media PC or console)? The Chromecast has no remote and can't initiate anything. Me, I prefer *not* "casting", but using the device to browse...
Do any screen protectors offer oleophoic coating?  Most folks who I know use screen protectors - they found their screens are oily and gross after time, and eventually removed the protectors. I hope my 6 doesn't exhibit any of these flaws in the next few months.  Damn thing is beautiful.
Props to TMO. I'm sure if it was VZ or ATT facing the FCC their response would have been a simple one-finger salute, while they continue to sacrifice customer quality and increase prices while claiming they're doing the exact opposite. I will never go back to either of those carriers if at all possible, I have spent tens of thou$ands on them over the past 15 years, and as long as TMO keeps to it's mojo, I aint going back to ATT/VZ.
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