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Just you :)I think the chamfered edges still look nice... but the curved screen does put the pre-6 iPhones out of style a bit - that simply invokes desire.
 Shouldn't it be called the iPhone Classic?  "Mini" has typically been reserved for micronization advances that allow Apple to do what competitors felt they couldn't (iPod mini = smallest form factor for it's capacity at the time;  Mac mini = smallest mainstream form factor x86 PC at half the price of it's competitors). By calling the 3.5" form factor "mini" they're agreeing with the Androidistas in saying the original iPhone as "too small".
I love my Pebble. I look forward visiting an Apple store to inspect an Apple Watch prior to buying one. I seriously hope it's as water-resistant as my Pebble - if so, then I'll bid a fond farewell to my Kickstarter timepiece.
AT&T and Verizion reacted to T-Mobile's HD-Voice launch in 2013 saying they'd have it "shortly" - it finally showed up more than a year later. Verizon apparently has either just launched it, or it is still "almost" there: http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/26/verizon-volte-launch/ So if they're saying 2015 - who knows *when* it'll actually be available.
 Data sync does not need to be via cable - we're likely talking about 8-16GB max on a watch form factor, and that can be synched via wifi or bluetooth. Not to mention, most data can be "streamed" - look at the Pebble.   In fact the pebble magsafe-like connector is quite workable if a bit 1st-generation. Inductive charging is likely not going to work with the form factor - how big does the inductive circuit need to be on the device?  Sounds too bulky to me.  Again, magsafe...
LG's watch looks nice - nicer than the Moto 360. The Samsung watch is ... *yurrrg* Is that a camera on the back face? WTF are they thinking?
 You say this as if it's a bad thing - I see the new market (courtesy of Rule 34): Hot Thermal Imaging Action :)
In other news, analysts agree Apple is doomed. /snark
I know several friends moving back from Android this year. Also quite a few (really a lot) of folks I know with a 4S who've been waiting for the upgrade. I think Apple knows that even 60M may not be enough to meet demand. Impressive.
 Hear, hear.  Brought a tear to my eye.  We have quite a few of those decal'ed MB's in our office, too - though most are retina MBPs.
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