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But the AT&T iPad can have the 3G service turned off for any length of time (say I go out of country for a while or are otherwise unable to use the service). The comparison is not the same at all. I know folks who have 3G iPads that have only used the service 1/3 of the months they had the device. I think this is a bad deal except for the most rigorous users (who would probably be better served by a mifi/hotspot anyway).
Apple is going to steamroll these other tablet manufacturers until a real tablet-ready Android shows up... we'll assume for sake of expedience that Windows 7 "Slates" are not in the same real market, so ignore those paltry sales (desktop OS, higher price point, etc).
Remeber, lawyers profit first (just like bankers), so assuming 5M victims at ~ $20, AT&T would shell out $100M but the class action lawyers would take a good maybe $20M, leaving you with an average of $16. I'm pretty sure you're not going to receive a $100 or more benefit here. btw, I just got the text, I think they're rolling out the texts slowly so people don't realize the "mobility taxes" thing was such a huge scam.
The real story is, despite being on more carriers and across more manufacturers, and being "open", Android Apps still pale compared to iOS, several years running. "Studies" like this one that twist facts to present a hack analysis and the other "Android outsells iPhone in US" only show the weakness of Apple's competition (for now). That Google has yet to make a real dent in Apple's "killer feature" for iOS devices is noteworthy... though once the Open Handset...
I would love that too, but there is a very big downside to "OTA" sync and upgrades/backup. 1) Backup is expensive bandwidth-wise, you'll be transmitting at least 16GB to upwards of 64GB over the wire, and unless you're running dual-channel 5Ghz N-wireless (ie, not most people) you're looking at maybe 10-20MB/s real speed. That's 2-4 minutes a GB, and at least a half an hour for the smallest iPad. Double and Quadruple the times for 32/64GB respectively. Imagine granny...
Other than paying to be a beta dev, is there any easy way to upgrade and then downgrade back?
Be glad it's not an Android device... some of those came with an over-1-year old OS and no upgrade path to newer Android versions (see Dell Streak). Also agreed about orientation switch. On a lark, I tried to live without it for a few days, and I can, but it's so frustrating.
There is no "battle royale" in mobile gaming... business is much more fluid than that unless a bunch of companies simultaneously jump on new disruptive tech (ie, internet, VOIP, etc). Nintendo was the undisputed champ for many years, Sony showed up with PSP, and got handed it's ass for years too, but is now holding it's own a bit. Apple showed up and started taking share from everyone with a *phone* and an iPod... and hasn't been stopped yet. Nintendo is going to lose...
HP seems to have "repositioned" it, including a Wacom digitizer and 64GB flash memory (storage). However, that still doesn't remove the MS "Slate" push back in January that had everyone thinking they were competing with the iPad. So people are expecting an iPad competitor and then they get this? So it's basically a tablet PC that is fully tablet (no HW keyboard)... ok, price is good if you want a full PC, but it's kind of also crippled with an Atom and a 600px height...
Doubt that would ever happen. Keyboards take up lots of horizontal space, and need to be centered. Trackpads also take up space. Plus the trackpad in the center can be thumb-controlled without losing keyboard resting position for typing. Now, if they released a keyboard + trackpad combo device, I'd get it in an instant.
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