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There is no "battle royale" in mobile gaming... business is much more fluid than that unless a bunch of companies simultaneously jump on new disruptive tech (ie, internet, VOIP, etc). Nintendo was the undisputed champ for many years, Sony showed up with PSP, and got handed it's ass for years too, but is now holding it's own a bit. Apple showed up and started taking share from everyone with a *phone* and an iPod... and hasn't been stopped yet. Nintendo is going to lose...
HP seems to have "repositioned" it, including a Wacom digitizer and 64GB flash memory (storage). However, that still doesn't remove the MS "Slate" push back in January that had everyone thinking they were competing with the iPad. So people are expecting an iPad competitor and then they get this? So it's basically a tablet PC that is fully tablet (no HW keyboard)... ok, price is good if you want a full PC, but it's kind of also crippled with an Atom and a 600px height...
Doubt that would ever happen. Keyboards take up lots of horizontal space, and need to be centered. Trackpads also take up space. Plus the trackpad in the center can be thumb-controlled without losing keyboard resting position for typing. Now, if they released a keyboard + trackpad combo device, I'd get it in an instant.
This. VZW, while evil, is well run and knows how to milk their customers. ATT is inefficient, bloated and bungles things repeatedly but has semi-decent customer service. ATT without the iPhone would have probably slipped massively and might even be in 3rd place. Remember, ATT only got where they were because of acquisitions not because they had the strongest value proposition (with the exception of the iPhone).
Dude, you do realize that he's had far fewer vacation days than GWBush? Plus, I know you'd think meeting SJ would be considered a vacation, but this is work for the Pres.
Shit, not education. I'm a fan of both Obama and Jobs, but they both have the wrong take on how to "fix" education in America. Neither of their answers will involve actually empowering the teachers... Jobs wants to go charter schools and Obama wants to extend Bush's NCLB. Both of these are not going to solve anything.
That would be awesome even if it were a pilot program. Too bad it would never fly with our multination-corporate-owned media who would rip it apart like crazy despite it being good for everyone.
with deep support for their current advert model.
Apple/iOS = Protoss Google/Android = Terran so who is Zerg?
Instafail, whether it's 7 or 9... both are beyond the avera ge person's short-term memory limit (ie, between 4-7 depending on person). Also going to cause purchase paralysis. This is why Apple only sells 1-3 versions of each of their products (ie, MacBook, MBP, iMac, MacPro, etc). People know what they're getting and have a limited choice (which promotes decision making). At least in...
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