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with deep support for their current advert model.
Apple/iOS = Protoss Google/Android = Terran so who is Zerg?
Instafail, whether it's 7 or 9... both are beyond the avera ge person's short-term memory limit (ie, between 4-7 depending on person). Also going to cause purchase paralysis. This is why Apple only sells 1-3 versions of each of their products (ie, MacBook, MBP, iMac, MacPro, etc). People know what they're getting and have a limited choice (which promotes decision making). At least in...
Re: Learning... some people just need a different way to learn. Some are not hip to the "help" menu, manuals. Some are. Some do well with video (screencasts, etc). Others need someone to *tell* them, they are auditory/social learners. About the whiners... they exist in all populations. Apple needs to mollify them if they want to grow their high-margin business, just like every other consumer-oriented retailer that margins above the rest... it's called customer service.
It was Oppenheimer who kept saying that at a different meeting... and I agree with him. I tried a "high-end" netbook back in late '08 to as a hackintosh. Driver issues aside (I even beefed up the RAM and got a broadcom wifi miniPCI), I got OSX running fine on it as well as Ubuntu Netbook Remix. The netbook (Atom-based) was quite decent in performance for it's price, but the hardware just SUCKED. The input device kept registering false clicks, the keyboard was too...
So if they're aiming for a corporate "stack" all the way down to mobile/tablet devices (they have had TEN frickin years to do this already), then it seems perhaps they're finally deciding to take the gloves off and manhandle BlackBerry... Either that or, they cancel Apple's Exchange license/capability ... that'd be evil and anticompetitive but quite effective if they have a good WP7 model for the switcheroo.
I read at night ... in bed... sometimes with no light (wife turned off the light). I also like reading PDFs as they're meant to be read, with colors and all. I do like the Kindle's weight, though... much easier on the arms.
Market share is important, but what market? Google can't claim much revenue much less profit from Android for the near future. And how many of these Android devices will be Marketplace accessible? Look: Google/Open Handset Alliance require 3G access for a device to have Marketplace access:http://blog.laptopmag.com/google-aug...t-unauthorized ...this means recurring monthly charge for each device!! GoogleVerizon is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the consumer...
It's great that it exists, and I'm a huge proponent of Skype. However, keep in mind that the video quality is sub-par (was great in say, 2008) for today's standards, and that Skype is a P2P protocol that pushes lots of it's own traffic. For chatting and voice, it's very very useful. For video, it's a great fallback (esp. video to non-mac users). Compared to iChat it's not that good. Bring on the native FaceTime Mac Client and non-Apple FaceTime implementations!
I'm waiting with baited breath for AVRCP, since I just got a great bluetooth stereo headset.
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