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If you're @ home, just enable this on all Macs:Code:defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true If you're at work, tell IT to disseminate this to all Mac users (or distribute the command using ssh if they have admin rights on all machines). Here is a good link that discusses this issue at length:http://serverfault.com/questions/207...s-and-variants
[QUOTE=djsherly;1795549... Should i get one - i am still on contract - it will be first time i consider a case for a phone.[/QUOTE] I would also recommend you just replace the back glass with an aftermarket backing. My friend did this for $20 (and an hour of labor. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20019940-1.html
Apple owns iOS and Safari and it's their decision whether or not to implement a proprietary, buggy platform like Flash within their browser. Adobe is well within their rights to push their partners like Google to remove video standards like H.264, too, so users are reliant on Flash. You do have a choice.
You're making a VERY bad analogy. The difference between Internet service and Power is that Power is regulated (and often served by government entity)... it's often very close to a right (ie, power loss during winter months is cruel even if you don't pay the bills - often city/state governments forbid power operators from shutting off power during winter months to prevent deaths). If we had any meaningful movement on Network Neutrality, I might have agreed with you, but...
Microsoft + Danger = Data loss
No doubt. Kept thinking of cat's eyes like MJ in thriller. Creepy. btw, what's the point in having a vote, if you decide to over-ride it for the result? TIME is a dinosaur that just doesn't know it's extinct yet.
You mean other tech blogs aren't like cults too? The group-think at places like digg, engadget, and BGR is quite overwhelming.
No, Android is the front against Apple. Chrome (both browser and OS) is the front against Microsoft. Both are disruptive plays against their biggest competitors. The Android suit will go on for a decade or more, in the meanwhile the market will decide if Android is worth it, or not (I'm sure the carriers love it compared to even WP7). I think Android is far from doomed, but it may not be the world domination as previously forecasted from the Googleplex.
I would simply like the existing command set to be expanded. Additions I'd love and that should be simple: "Redial" -- this would be awesome when dealing with the crappy AT&T network "Call last caller" -- analogue to above, works on last incoming call "Time" -- tell me the time "Artist playing" -- tell me info on the song that's playing All of these would prevent me having to reach into my bag/holster to get the phone to find out that information, and tie in...
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