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Nice! Way to sandbox stuff like Waze - i'm happy broadcasting my location for the benefits Waze offers, but right now I always kill the app after I arrive at destination since it apparently sits there silently and tracks my location even if I'm not using it. Now, it'll only track location while I'm using it, even if it's backgrounded. Me likey
Larger iPhone = Knockout punch from Apple. Add that attack to Android's weaknesses: lack of 64bit support, fragmented "business friendly" security model, and Google's generally ad-mongering ways, and I can see a whole ton of folks in my office with a new iPhone this fall, including me (been waiting for touchID for a year).
To be honest, I like that Pano and Video are both far right and left options - sort of makes them easier to naviate to using fitt's law logic.
Burst Photo management sounds interesting. - except that I like to view the photo on a larger screen to see which one is "best". So would this scenario work? Use iCloud Photo Library to share photos between iPhone and Mac, mark the appropriate burst photos as Favorite on Mac using retina/big screen, next sync pushes that burst into the PhotoStream. I'd still like to prevent my 300 burst residuals from showing up on my iCloud Library - that'd be a huge mess.
Simply Awesome. I have pretty impressive coverage almost everywhere I'm at (except in museums or other locations that might also have wifi), and now those locations can effectively keep good "signal". Combined with the HD Voice support (which AT&T and Verizon have still not offered for the past year, only now coming to areas where I don't live or work: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9248366/AT_T_to_activate_HD_Voice_over_4G_LTE_in_four_states_on_May_23 ). TMO...
 Easy fix:  Put your current iPhone in a Mophie or other battery-case that tricks the iPhone into thinking it's charging.  Bam - mobile always listening. Of course, the limitation for plug-in could be to prevent (either intentional or inadvertent) Glasshole syndrome - i.e., it's unlawful to tape someone without their express consent in many jurisdictions.
I'm sure the "google fridge" is an entirely Samsung thing just powered by Android. WhyTF would I ever want Google on my fridge? Maybe it'll be part of their competitor to AmazonFresh?
 Must be something in the water over in the Seattle metropolitan area. "Redmond start your copiers", anyone? 
Using the wifi smart plug sounds like a good idea for turning off the entire entertainment cabinet - I really don't record DVR entries during the night, and none watches TV after 9PM. Then it can all come on at 7AM so it stays on during the day. The iOS app to control would be nice so we could override as needed.
It'd be much nicer if Siri mentioned you had a text and possibly read it to you. I often use Siri to compose texts to my wife while driving to coordinate evening activities on my commute home.
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