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 Must be something in the water over in the Seattle metropolitan area. "Redmond start your copiers", anyone? 
Using the wifi smart plug sounds like a good idea for turning off the entire entertainment cabinet - I really don't record DVR entries during the night, and none watches TV after 9PM. Then it can all come on at 7AM so it stays on during the day. The iOS app to control would be nice so we could override as needed.
It'd be much nicer if Siri mentioned you had a text and possibly read it to you. I often use Siri to compose texts to my wife while driving to coordinate evening activities on my commute home.
If this were the case, it'd be a single or two vendors (possibly HTC), and definitely NOT Samsung. It could be a way for Apple to prop up one of the Android players and give that player incentive to take share away from the bigger, real threats. Combined with patent licensing, it could be a great way to push forward the AppleID-based ecosystem. Also it'd be a nice FU to Google.
 Do you realize the housing market is way overpriced for your average post-college or non-career worker?  Folks who have no possible way to buy an apartment and whose landlord never returns their calls likely number in the 10s of millions in the US.  These kind of units are perfect for those folks. Even our daughter's nanny has an iPhone.  It is really not a luxury device anymore.
My mom has an iPhone4 with iOS7.0x - it isn't that bad.  7.1 makes it even better.  Sometimes I swear people think that all the new features come for free, and no speed should ever be sacrificed ever even for massively older handsets while also ensuring up-to-date security patches and support for dozens of handsets, oh and snazzy UI glitz.  The rule of computing is, that everything is a tradeoff.
 You may be right but for the wrong reasons.  Most folks don't know or care about 7.1 because they're either on iOS6 and haven't still noticed the update, or they're on 7 and don't find it needs fixing.   Also there isn't the "new candy" promotion of a .0 release that brings all the neophiliacs rushing in.
Complete flamebait. This is what "journalism" is these days - some asshat with no research methodology worth a crap that spouts bullshit and is proclaimed by the corporate press as someone with something worthy to say. Fake Steve Jobs pegged this clown right - he made Gene look like Eddie Munster.
iBeacons sound cool, but again - unless this helps me find what I'm looking for in a store, or alert me based on my customer profile (based on opt-in), I don't see this as particularly cool. I don't necessarily want to know when I'm approach the meats aisle what's on sale, I generally want to know if what I'm looking for (predictable based on previous purchases) is there. If I could add a persistent shopping cart (i.e., checklist for my weekly shopping trip), it'd be...
This is exactly what Net Neutrality is fighting against, this being the flip-side of the pay-to-play coin. At first it will be "sponsored data as an exception", eventually it will become the rule. Ultimately, you and I will end up paying more. What we should be working towards is what Sprint and Tmobile are going for: unlimited data - which most importantly means: no random overage charges. I haven't paid a data overage fee for the past 8 months on TMO (while we paid...
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